The About Section

Or,  free thoughts on the progression of this blog and its author (complete with footnotes).

I have been blogging for close to eight years now (albeit sporadically). I am not mawkish enough to say that this blog has made changed me, but there are many, many different ways in which I have grown up, and those changes are very evident in the way I think and write (and post on this site). 

I went from writing about how vegetarianism is superior because animal rights[1] (I was 16 then) to, well, not being one. I went from waxing lyrical about The Big Bang Theory to hating it with a passion [2]. Somehow, I have stayed an angry feminist all this while (even if the 18 year old in me thought the opposite of feminist is ‘anti-feminist’).

I have ranted about books, poems, and have written fanfiction. I have discussed crushes [3], and I have written ‘essays [4],’ without knowing that’s what I was doing, and I have nerded out about spreadsheets and ‘tracking my reading’ (full with graphs, and a link to a dynamic map of all the countries I had read books about that year) [5].  

More recently, outside the blog, I have been writing a lot more about evolutionary science, and what that means for the society at large. I will not say that is the reason why I am not updating- I’m just lazy. But it does keep me occupied. Lately [6], I have been wondering how to keep them all together, and I thought, why don’t I create a sub-section on this blog dedicated to just that! 

So, here we go! 

Other than that, I also have a poetry blog (the latest ones are too morose, but I haven’t updated that in a while either. Tee-hee!)


[1] Read this fantastic paper on the politics of vegetarianism in India.

[2] See this video on the sexism and misogyny in The Big Bang Theory.

[3] Interesting fact: This person pinged me on Facebook the very evening this post went up- the conversation went terribly.

[4] But read this article about how the Stanford Prison Experiment is, to put it subtly, not great science.

[5] What a fucking nightmare, am I right? I am going to do it again this year!

[6] It has obviously been months since I have been wondering how to do this, but I am lazy and technology is moving faster than my ability to grasp it (I am practically a grandma boohoo!)