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Saturdays with you.

When we were three and five respectively, our parents introduced us. Our dads were friends in college, you see? And our mums neighbours. I hated you the minute we met because you pulled my hair. But our parents loved playing rummy and disregarded us like they disregard children. 

We went on beach days every Summer, and on vacations together. We knew each other’s grandparents, and cut the other’s birthday cakes. You were my way into the school’s who’s who in high school, and I hated the three years we spent apart when you moved to another city, till I followed you there.

But my favourite memories will always be Saturdays with you. Eating breakfast at mine and dinner at yours. Our little sleepovers. Our little fights. The first time we kissed. The first time you fell in love with my best friend. The first time you met my crush on a double date, and you telling me to stay away from assholes who gaslight. 

My favourite memories are Saturdays with you. My best friend, my soulmate.


Wandering through the Alleyway.

She walked through the dark corridors

Of her past, reflecting on her future

Thinking of the dear, dear friend

She had crushed on for the entirety of her existence.

Born on the same day as her,

Older by an hour

Better by a mile

Hers, always.

Running, memorizing the path

She chose for herself

Of cigarettes and magazines

Till all that remained of her was a filed paper

And eyes haunted by the ghosts of nothing in particular

Flowing through the dark alley,

Trying to find herself

What she had promised herself she would be

Trying to find her home in the wrecked alley

When evening falls, and the sunflower looked away.

Walking, pacing the dark alley,

Ghosts, masked faces

That’s where she met him again

Now looking better than his prepubescent self

His music playing,

Choking her with his six-strings

My last hope, thought she

The light at the end of the tunnel

Starlight in the dark, night sky

He would ease my mind, hoped she

Taking her in, comforting her

Cellphone in his hand

A lit cigarette in his mouth

Hair unkempt, a stupid smirk on his face

Shades hiding the darkness of his eyes

Looking straight at her

He lets her in, without reluctance

Little did she know, the empty shell

That he had a metal for a heart

And tar for a soul.

Yaay to NaPoWriMo. 😀

Childhood Enemy

That’s all there’s left
Of the childhood, filled
With dirt roads, and mangoes
And a tyre swing on a banyan tree.

You were there, and I was there.
Hitting, pulling hair, name calling
Shouting, Pinching, Punching
Kicking, Stonewalling, Crying.

Would you ever calm down?
You useless piece of dirt?
Your hair ruffled, pants torn, unknott tie
Shirts missing buttons, shoes missing lace
Socks torn, smelling of dead rats

Your mouth spewing anger and mirth
Not a word of comfort to the distressed
Not a finger to wipe away a tear
Existing and agonizing, hitting and running

You make my innocence imperfect
Making me want to throw stones at you
When our parents forced us to be friends
And you hit me, and punch me, and slap me,
And I return with all the force I can muster

You ignorant prat, you Oedipal child
Your presence made me gag
Your discomfort made me smile
Your failure made me happy

And you have grown up, and so have I
You, left behind in your small, empty town
Still a mama’s darling, living a lie
As I grow bigger and better, stronger and brighter

And you live with those memories
Where you bullied me, and laughed
And I live my life, full and worthy
And laugh at you, as you fail everything

But I don’t regret it. You still make
My blood boil with hatred.
Pure, innocent, benign hatred
From the darkest pits of my bones, to the hallowed beatings of my cold heart.

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