The Collector of Love

You take a deep breath. It's time. You get your heart broken everyday you love him. You give your everything for his most things, and your everybodies for the third place in his life. This is why I love you He makes you laugh. He knows how to take care of you. He takes care … Continue reading The Collector of Love

Falling in love with a poet

There is something about falling in love with writers and poets. They always paint pictures of you in flattering ways. Your body, your mind, your soul is a muse to them, and they add details to it to make it more beautiful, more ethereal.  Today, my favourite told me that the way I wake up … Continue reading Falling in love with a poet

You might be the Preston Burke to my Christina Yang.

I think of you, you know. Each day, everyday. Especially now, when all universe seems like a void. Surprisingly, unlike those novels and poetry that I read, you don't fill in that void. But I guess that's why I like to keep my distance. I sense that you want me and need me as much … Continue reading You might be the Preston Burke to my Christina Yang.