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The Letter on Her Doorstep

It was a normal day for the Dursleys. Their son had just woken up and was squealing, waking up the entire street. Mr. Dursley blamed it on Mrs. Dursley and Mrs. Dursley blamed it back on him. After about ten minutes of arguing, they attended to their son, by feeding him breakfast.

Mrs. Dursley, then opened their front door, forgetting the previous day’s encounters, to put out milk bottles. And she stumbled upon a bundle of blankets, not knowing how far from normal her life was going to be, for the coming years. She screamed, waking up the little boy, about one year of age, with a scar the shape of a lightning bolt. With it, came a letter, addressed to her.

Dear Petunia Dursley,

I hope you have kept well since our last correspondence. May you have a great married life and Dudley (your son; if my sources are correct) live a long, happy life.

This, I write to deliver to you a grave, grave news. I’m sure the Ministry of Magic hasn’t contacted you as of yet. The child you’re holding belongs to your sister Lily Potter. Her husband James and Lily were killed on the night of 31st October.

Dear Petunia, let me give you my condolence, as I know that, although you and your sister haven’t been on talking terms, you did love her dearly. I hope you know that she did love you too, even after all this time. But know that she loved this son of hers, who, as you know is called Harry James Potter.

Let me tell you, that your sister died a brave woman, trying to protect her son. A wizard, by the name of Lord Voldemort hunted them down and tried to kill Harry. He couldn’t touch the boy because your sister died protecting him. It is ancient magic-love as a protective charm, and due to Lily’s action, her son survived the killing curse-something no wizard can be attributed of resisting, let alone live with a meager scar. Voldemort, on the other hand, fled, as his powers were weakened when the spell rebounded. I hope you appreciate the bravery exhibited by Lily. She was a brave, loyal woman and her sacrifice will be remembered by us for the years to come.

As for her son, he is assuredly going to be a powerful wizard and make you proud one day. You will need to guardian for him in order to make the spell work, as you are the only living family he has. While under your roof, he will have every protection he would need, as you share your bloodline with Lily Potter.

You need to know, Petunia, that the reason your sister and her husband were hunted down, was because, not only were they brave, powerful young wizards, but also a prophecy which says that the one with powers enough to destroy Voldemort would be Harry. He is our only hope to kill Voldemort, when he comes back to power.

I wouldn’t assume that everything was perfectly fine between you and your sister; and I’m aware of my contribution to ruining your relationship. But I hope you understand that I couldn’t be of any help to you whatsoever and that this strained relationship has no hand in the way you take care of Harry. I also hope that you would give Harry as much protection and love as you could give him as an aunt and let him grow up to be a fine young man by the time he gets his Hogwarts acceptance letter. Your protection and-even a place in your house, enough for him to call home would help Lily’s sacrifice work. It would help us in what I think would destroy an evil wizard to take over the world and kill innocent people such as you and your sister and destroy more families.

Let Lily’s sacrifice not go waste! Let the world see in Harry Potter a fine, brave young man such as his parents! Let him make you and I proud!

In case of any help, please don’t hesitate to get back to me-you know very well how to. I will keep an eye on Harry.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Reading this, Petunia wanted to cry. Her sister, her Lily was dead, killed by an evil wizard. What is it to me, she thought and hurried inside with the boy, and faced her husband.

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Always: Heaven

Chapter 2: Heaven
A Harry Potter Fanfiction
Pairing: James/Lily
Alternate Universe

Lily Evans was the kind of girl who wished she could wear pajamas day in and day out. But today, she decided to wear those not-so-comfortable skinny jeans, with a dress shirt and her black boots just for a boy. A boy who has now made her wait for more than an hour. She was now impatient, and paced down the library, just about ready to leave, when she heard a soft clearing of a throat, followed by a ‘Er…Evans?”

She looked at the boy with so much spite, that it might have killed him, if she were magic. He looked ashamed. “Hi. I, uh, I fell asleep,” said he. Her look of contempt made him drop his gaze to her feet. Suddenly, he looked up and said, “I waited for years, this is just an hour, yeah?” At her look of total fury, he said, “Not the right thing to say, huh?”

The pair of them, after about five minutes of bickering, walked out of the library, and into the waiting Mercedes of the boy. They zoomed through the city lights in absolute silence, but the songs playing on the radio.

After about ten minutes, the car stopped outside a homey shop, in a lane clearly not frequented by many. “What place is this?” she asked, hiding curiosity and doubt. “You’ll see,” was the confident, almost nonchalant reply.

It was after Lily walked in that she finally realized that heaven is, in fact, a place on earth.

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Always: Waiting

Chapter 1: Waiting
A Harry Potter Fanfiction
AU James/Lily

It was snowing outside and she was waiting. Always waiting. Sometimes she thought he might just think of her as a conquest. Like Sirius and he might have divided girls between themselves in freshman year. And she was the only one he hadn’t won over. Till yesterday, that is. Yesterday, she asked him. She initiated the conversation, while he played it cool. Like after the past three and a half years of begging for her to “just get one cup of coffee, even discussing about brain anatomy for the AP class” would do. But yesterday he played it cool. And it annoyed her.

A cold wind was blowing over. She had to ball up both her fists and put them inside the pockets of her sweater. Even breathing took an effort, but she decided to walk it up to the city library.
As soon as she entered, the smell of his perfume hit her. She wanted to turn back and run away, instinctively, but that, she knew, was pointless. And a reflection of her cowardice. And of all things, coward, she was not.
He bumped into him. “Evans!” he acknowledged. She nodded in return. “I was on my way back. Do you want me to wait for you?” She said no. He walked away, nonchalantly. And it infuriated her for some reason.
So, obviously she rung him on the phone. And asked if he wanted to revise AP Biology over coffee soon. He said he’d check his schedule and call her.
After an hour of waiting for him to return her call, and bashing herself over it, he texted back asking her to meet him the next day in the school library.

And now, it’s been an hour. She’s been waiting for an hour. Nobody has made her wait for an hour. She is annoyed that he had to check his schedule. She is annoyed that he texted her, instead of calling her back. She’s annoyed that she has to wait for him in the cold.

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