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A Moment to Remember

It lasted for half a second. But her life had changed.


She looked ahead, giggling hysterically. People around her stared at her. Will they ever understand? Probably will. They might have gone through it too. She wondered how she couldn’t have experienced this Euphoria in all of her existence? The world suddenly seemed happier and hopeful. The sun, bright; sky, blue; rainbows, butterflies, unicorns. She wanted to jump up and down. Scream out to the world. In her head, she did the most graceful gymnastics moves. Because of that one little thing.


He had heard her ramble on and on before. About her greatest fears. The most embarrassing moments in her life. Her ideas, beliefs, morals. Her perspectives to life. And he couldn’t help but want to scream out his intense emotions. She called him names. Mean. Annoying. Bastard. Asshole. But also awesome. She, it seems, was at splits about what she thought of him. But it never stopped him from falling for her deeper. Harder. Over and over again.

It wasn’t a particularly endearing moment. They had had an intense fight about something so inconsequential, he couldn’t even remember. But after two minutes of laughing, they were suddenly shooting sarcastic comments at each other. She bought up an old fight, and he wanted to split her throat and drink her blood till she ran dry. He wanted to stab her till the lips of her scars oozed scarlet. And he leaned forward to meet her lips as her hands locked themselves around his neck.

It lasted for less than a second, but they now could see all eternity together, and be happy. Their lives had changed.


Elements: Magic

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                 Title: Union
                 Element: Magic

He stood there on the podium, eyes scanning the room.

He looked at the enchanted floor, reflecting the sand beneath, but holding the chairs just right. He scanned the room for his best mate. Wasn’t he supposed to be there with him, giving him support?

He looked at the beach, and the setting sun. The sky left pink and purple traces, with grey clouds, just enough to leave silhouettes of the people walking across the arches. He looked at Dumbledore, sitting there, drinking his favourite Sherbet Lemon. He chuckled.

His eyes fell upon the candle-lamps spread across the hall, dangling midway, and giving every individual present an enchanted glow. He looked at the scarlet lace curtains and the golden sunflowers. He felt himself swell up with emotions.

He could see his mum sitting on the front row, near the enchanted plant of white roses. She looked at him, with teary eyes and smiled. He smiled back, unsure if it were okay for him to shed tears.

His dad stood there, grinning and making their guests laugh. He looked so at ease, as if it weren’t that big a deal. But he knew how nervous his dad actually felt. He thought of how similar they actually were.

And then, the music suddenly changed. His heart missed a beat, as an old man reached the corner, flashing a broad smile. To his right was the most beautiful lady he had ever seen. To his left was a heart beating rapidly.

As he saw her walk down the aisle, with the prettiest smile she had ever adorned, he calmed down, reflecting her smile, radiantly. She looked at him and gave him an excited, yet small nod, which cleared his head of all his fears.

As Lily walked down the aisle, with her green eyes sparking, and the train of ger gown behind her, James realized that the world was truly what he was told it would be. Just a small wink from her was enough for him to realize that his world, was indeed magical. And maybe spells and charms had nothing to do with it.

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Elements: Sky

Here’s the second installment. 😀 More coming through.
Titled: Midnight Blue
Element: Sky.

She was crouched in front of the red armchair in front of the fire. Reading. She let out soft sighs at random moments of time. She smiled at times. She flipped the pages like she couldn’t breathe if she didn’t read the next word. He sat there, observing her.

He sat at the couch, his wand laying carelessly next to him. Hands folded to the chest. Hair disheveled. Hazel eyes observing the redhead at the red armchair and subconsciously reflecting her expressions. Smiling when she does, frowning when she does. Moving in response to her movement. She sat there, reading.

She suddenly got up. Gazed across the room. Looked at her watch. Walked in quick strides. Up the stairs, intro her dorm. In 5 minutes, she came down, shrugging into a hoodie, changed into jeans and slippers. Hair tied up carelessly into a bun. He let out a soft whistle.

He rushed back into his dorm, after he watched her go out of the Common Room. Took out his Invisibility Cloak.
And went out the portrait hole. She started climbing the stairs.

After a last stomp of her left foot, she finally reached the top of the Tower. It was still Twilight, but she wanted to see the sun set. It was her second favourite time of the day. She gobbled up air, which tasted of fresh dew. He started the climb.

He finally reached the top of the stairs. His Quidditch training made him fit enough not to fall short of breath. He took out his invisibility cloak and walked upto the top of the tower. As he pushed open his door, he put it back on, unsure. His eyes wandered. There, leaning on the rail was a blob of red, long hair, tied up in a messy bun. She looked back to see who had opened the door.

She stumbled a little, but caught herself. By the time she could teach herself it was just a fragment of her imagination, she saw messy, jet black hair appearing as if from thin air. Soon, she saw the whole of a boy. He smiled.

‘Lily,’ said he. And looked down with embarrassment.

‘James? How did you… Weren’t you in the common room..’

‘ This is where I come. To wind down?’

‘Oh? What work did you do? Stare into space?’

Think of ways to make you go out with you.

‘Amongs other things, yes. And you come here for reading? Studying? Better than the library, is it?’

‘It’s my next to favourite time of the day. I like seeing the sun set, and the stars rise.’

He stayed silence for a while, observing her fine movements. A tiny voice humming. Her fingers tapping the rail. Playing with her hair. Tying and untying it. Lost in deep thought.

‘Hey. I have an idea… If you don’t mind, that is.’ he said, tired of the silence.

‘Hmm?’ she replied, lost in thought.

‘Starry?’ he called out.

‘ I’m so-‘

They heard a crack and a house-elf appeared. James talked to her. She tried to listen, but couldn’t. She marvelled at how at ease they looked.

As soon as Starry disapparated, he conjured a blue mat, large enough for both of them.

She looked at him and smiled. They were going to star gaze. It’d be like a picnic.

After a while, he broke the silence.
‘You know, Evans? It’s been five years now. We need to stop this. Can’t we be friends? The boys like you. And Sirius actually cares. Do you know how rare it is? I don’t want to rant. But, friends?’ he said, extending his arm.

‘Okay. We can be friends, Potter. But no constant name callings. No constant asking me outs. Agreed?’ said she, taking his hand.

‘You must be kidding me. Do you want me to change who I am?’ he laughed.

‘Asking me out is who you are?’ she asked, returning his laugh.

‘Trying hard for what I want. What I like is who I am.’

She smiled in response. ‘Friends.’

That night, under the stars, under a midnight blue sky on the Astronomy tower, James Potter and Lily Evans became friends

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