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  1. The Thought Processes Underlying our Voting Decisions: On the cognitive psychology of voting.
  2. Why we love and hate celebrity weddings: On desi celebrity weddings, Brahminical Patriarcy, and corporate feminism [In video form. Click here for an essay version].
  3. A lot is wrong with academic publishing: Making the scientific literature open access from both the production and the consumption perspectives is essential to make knowledge more democratic, and less neo-colonial.
  4. Jeremy Bearimy, Baby! :On what The Good Place teaches us about the conundrum of time.
  5. The Paradox of Voting: India’s multiparty system makes it harder for us to pick one party to vote for.
  6. Parks, Recreation, Friendship: On what Parks and Rec teaches us about different kinds of friendship
  7. Show Female Friendships some love, Bollywood! On Veere de Wedding and Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety and how Bollywood has a long way to go when it comes to portraying the full lives of women,
  8. What does Arianna Grande teach us about self-love? On how thank u, next teaches us Erich Fromm’s version of self-love.
  9. Kindling a flame: The science behind what men and women look for on Tinder, based on findings from evolutionary psychology
  10. Like a Beat without a Melody: On how the fear of death made Hamilton work like he was ‘running out of time’- linking Heidegger’s ‘authentic life’ and Hamilton the musical. 
  11. On Chimpanzees, Power, and #MeToo: Sexual harassment revolves around power, not sex. We can see these dynamics at work among chimps as well.
  12. On why you being INFJ means nothing: Talent analytics and personality tests don’t really help pick the right employee
  13. The anatomy of Indian literary prizes: Who writes the award-winning books in India?
  14. This Is Your Brain on Democracy: The idea of a rational voter is a myth. The hard-wiring of our brains determines a lot about how we form opinions on politics, policy and voting.
  15. What’s up with the WhatsApp mobs? Xenophobia and the Evolution of Disgust
  16. Are You Left or Right, Stupid? When it comes to political orientation, personality shapes morality and ideology more than we think it does.
  17. Watch Out For Those Biases! The scientific method is the most rigorous route to knowledge, but academic discourses on terrorism reveal some pitfalls.
  18. In your dreams! Why are we drawn to imaginary worlds? The cognitive science of imagination. 
  19. Why do we gossip? The Moral Psychology of Gossip
  20. What if your success actually makes you feel like a failure? On Impostor Phenomenon
  21. What does a scientist look like? Implicit Biases Hamper Women’s Participation in Science in India
  22. The Theory of the Stupid Class: That people spend beyond their means has been a topic of economic scholarship for decades. Does that make them poor? 

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