When I tell them that I am a vegetarian, they look at me with utter disbelief. “You cannot be a vegetarian. Pure veg? Not even eggs?” Yeah. I have actually never had non-veg food. Not even eggs. Not even mushrooms, for that matter.

Why not? I’ve had my moments of reflections regarding this matter. Is that because I was brought up in a  small town in Gujarat, where almost everyone was a vegetarian?  Is that because a friend of mine hates non-vegetarians?  Or is it just because I’ve never tasted non-vegetarian food?

There are traditional ties. Agreed. I’ve been brought up under the conditions in which I’ve been warned against having non-veg food, for reasons as ridiculous reasons such as throwing me out of our house. But certainly it didn’t work after I was ten. Okay, thirteen. But today I’m sixteen. I still haven’t been on the other side of the door. Why?

And this is what I got: Animals. We are brutally killing animals just for our personal benefit, by this. The idea of eating up another human makes you flinch. The idea of eating up a human infant makes you want to puke. But there you go, eating away unborn chicken, in the form of eggs, and a walking-breathing living organism when you eat them in the form of chicken. And that’s just them. You eat cows, goats and pigs! I mean, come on! Why would you want to harm a harmless animal?

No, I do not love animals. In fact, I’m (kind of) afraid of them. Dogs. Cats. Rats… No! I am afraid of most of them. But the idea of killing them, is really sad. Why do we do that? Is that the way of life? That superiors are meant to be superiors, and treat the inferiors in the worst way possible? But, the reality is always that the true value of a person will be known by how he treats his inferiors! And being the smartest living organisms on earth, we are supposed to protect the others, aren’t we?

It’s just not about being an environmentalist. I’m nowhere close to that, I assure you. But just the idea of killing is highly immoral! Do we not kill a person just because it’s against the law? Or is it because you don’t want to? Killing animals is as immoral as that, don’t you think? And eating them up! That’s gross!

And obviously, this idea is purely mine. It just could be stupid. As stupid as the Cullens having animal blood because the otherwise would be immoral. But then their point is kind of valid. If you think it like that! And then, it could just be a thought, thanks to the conscience, of a sixteen year old! (or, like I said, just because I haven’t tasted it before-the fear of the unknown, may be!)


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  • Shivani

    Awsommee post!!! I agree that its just gross to eat something which has lived; and has been killed for you to eat! Its just plain cruelty that anyone won’t do to another human but readily do to harmless animals!!

  • Madhuwanti Ghosh

    I would readily do it to another human as well! SERIOUSLY!!! :P.. But nice one.. atleast i get to know what people like you and shivani think while missing on the “Pleasures of Life”!!!

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