Wandering through the Alleyway.

She walked through the dark corridors Of her past, reflecting on her future Thinking of the dear, dear friend She had crushed on for the entirety of her existence. Born on the same day as her, Older by an hour Better by a mile Hers, always. Running, memorizing the path She chose for herself Of … Continue reading Wandering through the Alleyway.

At That Moment… I Swear We Were Infinite

Yes, the only reason I read The Perks of Being A Wallflower, is because Emma Watson starred in the movie adaptation of the book. It is also true that the fragrance of its pages hasn’t faded from my fingers. It is still a very easy book to fall in love with. It surely is one … Continue reading At That Moment… I Swear We Were Infinite

Laugh Uncontrollably.

  Sometimes we are just too sulky, too sad. Sometimes we never know why we are even alive! Life is way too monotonous sometimes; and at other times way too busy. Sometimes you feel mechanical- getting up in the morning, getting ready, travelling over an hour to reach your destination, listen to your seniors and … Continue reading Laugh Uncontrollably.