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Wandering through the Alleyway.

She walked through the dark corridors

Of her past, reflecting on her future

Thinking of the dear, dear friend

She had crushed on for the entirety of her existence.

Born on the same day as her,

Older by an hour

Better by a mile

Hers, always.

Running, memorizing the path

She chose for herself

Of cigarettes and magazines

Till all that remained of her was a filed paper

And eyes haunted by the ghosts of nothing in particular

Flowing through the dark alley,

Trying to find herself

What she had promised herself she would be

Trying to find her home in the wrecked alley

When evening falls, and the sunflower looked away.

Walking, pacing the dark alley,

Ghosts, masked faces

That’s where she met him again

Now looking better than his prepubescent self

His music playing,

Choking her with his six-strings

My last hope, thought she

The light at the end of the tunnel

Starlight in the dark, night sky

He would ease my mind, hoped she

Taking her in, comforting her

Cellphone in his hand

A lit cigarette in his mouth

Hair unkempt, a stupid smirk on his face

Shades hiding the darkness of his eyes

Looking straight at her

He lets her in, without reluctance

Little did she know, the empty shell

That he had a metal for a heart

And tar for a soul.

Yaay to NaPoWriMo. 😀


At That Moment… I Swear We Were Infinite

Yes, the only reason I read The Perks of Being A Wallflower, is because Emma Watson starred in the movie adaptation of the book. It is also true that the fragrance of its pages hasn’t faded from my fingers. It is still a very easy book to fall in love with.

It surely is one of those books that might have a very new meaning the next time you read it. Add on to it the fact that Charlie is very real – loves to read and every new read is a favourite, listens to records of lesser known bands and artists, finding his own identity- the book can be called a cult, creating a class of its own.

The Perks of being a Wallflower, is about a fifteen year old boy named Charlie, who feels left out and in high school, and why not! His friend shot himself the previous year and nobody knows why, his favourite person in the world dies trying to buy a present for him, one for Christmas, and one for Christmas eve-his birthday. His sister is in an abusive relationship, his parents had abusive and struggling parents, the girl he thinks he loves is not only his best friend, but also has asked him to stop thinking of him that way. His other best friend is forced to be in a closet relationship, for the fear of his boyfriend’s parents. He’s also trying to ‘participate’, but feels all weird and bad memories, which he doesn’t remember, haunt him.

But then again, his advanced English teacher Bill gives him books to read and review for himself and gives him secret grades, which do keep improving (on the report card, he always got straight A’s). His brother plays football at UPenn, which has put up a very good team, and he might get to play pro. His parents and understanding and take care of him well enough. His friends also love him and care for him.

The characters in this book make mistakes, stand up to it and are real. They fall in love and out of love. The form of the entire novel is epistolary, and is written to an unknown friend and the spatial setting is unknown. The entire thing makes it universal and immensely relatable.

Of high-school, holidays and friendships; of family, grandparents, cookies and candies; of sex, drugs, alcohol and smoking; of music, literature, football and movies; of proms, homecomings and parties; of driving around town in the night-lights, through tunnels, listening to music; of depression and endless laughter; of abusive relationships and love-the book talks of coming-of-age and adolescent feelings, which is why I rate it 7.8/10. (I don’t really like the style, however true it stays to Charlie’s character.)

(A Review to The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.)

Laugh Uncontrollably.

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Sometimes we are just too sulky, too sad. Sometimes we never know why we are even alive! Life is way too monotonous sometimes; and at other times way too busy. Sometimes you feel mechanical- getting up in the morning, getting ready, travelling over an hour to reach your destination, listen to your seniors and colleagues, laugh at farce and then forget about it, and return home just to sleep and repeat the same thing the next days. It’s a vicious cycle.

But some other days, you are genuinely happy. You ask yourself why, but never get an answer. You’re just in the mood to be happy. You just want to smile at those classmates, you know exist in your class, but never said ‘hello’ to. You just feel like. You just know everything is going to be okay. You just are in the mood to be happy.

And then, you plan on watching that movie you’ve watched a million times. You probably even know all the lines. You make a plan out of the blue and surprisingly everyone is ready to just go for it, because it is somewhat an adventure. A crazy adventure bunking Social work you’re obliged to do, actually. But such days never come every day.

You call up a friend and force her to travel an hour in the opposite direction just to join you and watch that movie with you. You know she won’t regret it. You know she would come, because she loves the movie and all of you. It is sometimes very funny, though how you never doubt yourselves at points like that. You just don’t regret it, because for once you’ve stayed true to yourself and are doing what you want to do rather than what you have to.

Then you go and start with the movie. You start laughing at funny scenes before they occur and try to control it, because you’re spoiling it for the others. As a result you have your hands pressed tight against your mouth, little bouts of laughter erupting and you are just so excited; you want to jump up and now. You giggle loudly when that cute hero proposes to the heroine. You just have to giggle, because you really can’t help yourself. You bounce on the couch as if you are that princess who’s going to live happily ever after.

And you laugh at all the smallest of jokes. You are just purely happy, no shades of grey. You want to just freeze and live in that moment forever. You laugh uncontrollably, because there’s a massive bubble that just burst in your chest. You just can’t seem to stop and little droplets of tears accumulate in your eyes and muscles in your stomach clench. You laugh uncontrollably because you love the people you are with. You live on. You laugh on. You open that umbrella of joy and spread that ray of happiness to everyone close to you. Because laugh and the world laughs with you. So, we laugh uncontrollably.