My Year in Books: 2017

The last time I wrote this*, I was in a lecture hall in college.
This last year has been immensely productive reading-goals wise. It’s been even more fun because I meticulously tracked my reading, not only through Goodreads, but also using a spreadsheet (Go big or go home, amirite?). Earlier in the year, I thought I’d review each and every book I read, but I’m too lazy for that. So I decided, why not do something even nerdier (crazier?).**

A summary of my reading year
My year in books

As you can definitely see, this year, my reading has definitely involved more books, and I’ve read more diversely than ever, including writers from 18 countries . I’ve read a lot of Non-Fiction and Poetry, and have gotten really tired of Young Adult. That being said, one of my favorite books of the year has been a Young Adult (more about that later. Maybe).

Here’s more highlights of my reading year:


I’ve read many, many sub-genres this year. I’d never read a comic or a graphic novel ever before, for instance, and this year I read a total of 21.


I generally love diaspora novels, and tend to read a lot of them. This year’s reading involved a substantial amount of diaspora-themed books too.


Most of the books I’ve read, I’ve liked. But of course, I’ve read some terrible books this year.

chart (3)
Essentially rated them out of 5, Goodreads style. 1- Terrible, 2- Bad, 3- Okay, 4- Good, 5- Amazing


I also finished Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge, The Brunch Book Challenge and PopSugar’s 2017 Reading Challenge, both of which were too much fun (and a bit anxiety provoking, till I realized that this was only a hobby). I also watched a lot of Book-Tube (that’s people on YouTube talking about books. Who knew, eh?

I also read 5 of the 6 Booker Shortlisted book (couldn’t pick up 4321), and an additional two from the long list), and the one that won the International Booker.

Read the highlighted ones. Of these, Home Fire was Underground Railroad weren’t shortlisted.


*The blog and Year in Review, I guess
**My sister says I have too much time in my hands. But what are Sundays for, eh?

How has your year been, reading-wise? Let me know.



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