How does the Big Bang theory work?

Okay, so I am, relatively a new fan of this Awesomely presented sitcom.. And really, I’ve been a great fan since I watched it’s first episode… Dr. Cooper scooped me into his world of science and has added a new star in my life-himself! So, when I write, I try, now to add as many heavy words as I can-it is not working, is it? 😛 So, now, when I hear some really heavy words, not to mention BAZINGA! I get reminded of this guy. And the, I find myself smiling… Especially at this conversation:

Sheldon Cooper: [to Raj] Interesting. You’re afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic.
[Raj stares at Sheldon]
Sheldon Cooper: That was a joke. I made it to lessen your discomfort.
[Raj still stares]
Sheldon Cooper: You’re welcome.

Now, I can assure you that whenever I’ll hear the word “ladybugs”, I might start laughing out so loud, that the others may start staring at me-which would definitely get very weird! Not that I would mind, because, really, I’m thinking of Sheldon and going starry-eyed, then and there, so I might just not notice!

And then, there’s Leonard and Penny… Really, very unlikely, a couple-nevertheless, make a really cute one! 😀 I don’t know why, but they actually do make me go “Aww”. Leonard is more on the social size and is pretty much at a ‘social equilibrium’ status, whereas Penny definitely portrays the dream of being an actress, which is a reflection of the general societal structure.. I feel good writing this! 😛

Oh, and then, there is Wolowitz… He’s one disgusting creature, distusting, but, well, I’m on my guard! (I don’t know what else to say!)

Then, there is Raj… Well, I won’t say much about Raj, as both of us are from the same country, and of the same culture and religion, and what not! He sometimes says stuff about Hinduism, which I really can’t make sense of, because well, I do really take in ‘selective perception’ when somebody talks of religion. And, oh boy, he cant talk to ladies when he’s sober, and that is really sad.. I’m working on my empatrhy skills, you know!

So, basically, The Big Bang theory… All I can say is, it, being a sitcom, does a great work of a mirror of society (have I mentioned that before?) I mean, you have a mixture of extremes, and everything in between… From an atheistic, to a religious person, from a I-want-it-all to a I-don’t-care… From someone who is called a ‘nerd’ to someone who is called a ‘blonde’, though the literal definitions don’t work here… So, it actually makes me feel good in my own skin! 🙂 And which other guy with an IQ of 187 makes us laugh?

Till I write MORE about this one,        “SCHNAPPS”




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