My Year in Books: 2018

This year, too, I read a lot of books. Here’s a short summary of what I’ve read this year.

I might have read less than I did last year, but last year was a bit much, anyway. Plus, as long as I read, I’m happy. 110 books is no small feat, after all.

This year, I’ve only read 34 books by men, which makes me laugh a little. Out of surprise, that is. I did read plays, memoirs, and poetry books by men, so that accounts for something.

I’m quite upset that a lot of work I’ve read is by authors from the US. Maybe that’s something I should work on for next year. Otherwise, like last year, I’ve read from 14 countries, other than India and the US.

This year, I had made a resolution to read at least one poetry collection a month. And I stuck to it (yaay!). I also discovered romance as a genre that I do enjoy – it’s written almost exclusively by women, for women! More on that when I rant about favourites this year. I am also glad I got to read lots of very interesting non-fiction this year.

I’ve also read lots of different sub-genres. I loved reading graphic novels and comics this year, as well as listening to memoirs on audio- explains why I’ve read 13 and 12 of each respectively. Surprisingly, I’ve not read a lot of YA books, which used to be most of what I read. Perhaps I am growing out of YA! But, then again, one of the books I’m anticipating the most from 2019 is Angie Thomas’s On the come uppance. 

I also find it hilarious that I have only read three physical books. I’ve written about how I don’t hold romantic notions about the touch and feel of books- I’d not have read much if not for audiobooks, especially during commute. I love my Kindle, and I doubt I’d be able to read as much without it. But before I go into a rant about that, I’ve also read across the years:

Finally, surprisingly, most of the books I read were not 2018 releases. This probably has to do with the fact that I’ve not had much time to do Booktube. Consequently, I am yet to read many 2018 releases that I should have gotten around to if I was not busy completing reading challenges.

I did this year’s Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge (see above), PopSugar’s 2018 Reading Challenge (see below), and Brunch Book Challenge! Again, was a bot nerve-wracking till I realized nobody cares, and this was only for fun!

This year’s reading challenges made me read lots and lots of books that I definitely would not have picked up otherwise. A feminist reading of the Mahabharata, or horror would not have been something I’d have read for fun otherwise. So this year I’m going to try to do many more of reading challenges, probably loosely.

I’ve also read about 20 diaspora books, but thought this is more than enough graphs to put in one blog post.

Finally, I did like most of the books I did read- only two were rated as ‘terrible’ this year, while forty were given 5 stars. So overall, this was an enjoyable year in reading!

I should be able to do a Favorites list this year too. But again, never promising things!

How was your reading year? Let me know!

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