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Of Thunderstorms and Drizzles

It’s not working, is it-trying to keep you away from me? I can’t help but wonder if you probably are missing me, even though I know that it is preposterous. How can you, after all the names I’ve called you, and the horrible things that have happened? How can you, when you have others to keep you occupied? Others who you clearly love more than you could possibly like me. I know I’m looking too much into this, but I can’t believe you actuallytalked to me, after I ignored you (unwillingly, of course), and cut you out of my life because you are too much of a distraction for me.

You, with your expensive perfume and priceless sarcasm, your persuasive boring eyes and your tantalizing stories. Do I tell you you’re dashing and perfect and everything I hope for in a man? Of course not! That’ll only fill you with more pride than your big head can possibly take in. So I try to prick you with my needles, hoping that you don’t figure out my feelings for you. I hope that I don’t scare you away. I hope that I can keep you in my life in whatever form I can- in whatever form you’ll let me.

But I know, and I know because you’ve told me this innumerable times, that I don’t mean anything to you- nothing more than somebody to pass time with. You’ve told me I’m nobody more than a person you share some interests with. You’ve told me I’m nobody who cannot be replaced. But then why do you talk to me more than you talk to others? Why do you seek me out, when I’m ignoring you? Why do you ask me about my future, my dreams, my life, as if you’re bloody interested? Why do you make my toes curl every time I have a deep meaningful conversion I have with you? Why do you not pick up fights with me anymore and treat me like a friend, when you don’t even consider me as a person? Why do you ask my opinion on things that matter? Why do you know and remember what I love and what will make me happy?

You’re unfathomable, you know? I should have listened to my father’s advice and not talked to you ever. But you were best friends with my best friend and there was no way I could have ignored you, when both of you literally live together! I would run into his room with some or the other thing to crib about and there you’d be, in your silk PJs with him, playing Exploding Snaps, or Wizarding Chess, or just lying on the bed talking about girls you fancy. Then I’d have to pour my heart out in front of you, because Albus Potter is thicker than a piece of wood. And you’d listen to me uncomfortably and not tell me anything in return, even when I’d love to hear what you had to tell me.

Seriously, I need to stop with all the feelings. Because I know you would never have them back for me. Even when you tell me how you’ve paid no heeds to the advances of a pretty girl, who was perfect for you. Even when you tell me how you didn’t care about a hot girl a year above us who’d be clearly out of your league generally. It’s almost as if you’re doing that because you’re interested in me, my heart screams. But my brain tells me that’s because you’re a narcissist.

But how can I ignore how both our dreams include the same things? How can I ignore the fact that you think I’m worthy of your respect, when you hardly care about others? How can I ignore how you’ve changed your preservatives to the world, when I urged you towards it? How can I ignore the stares and the whispers we get when we’re having a conversation in public, when they’re rooting for us? How can I ignore the fact those little glimpses of insecurities that you share only with me? How can I ignore the fact that you probably are in love with me, and don’t know it yet?

I should have listened to my dad and never gotten close to you, because Merlin! It’s you! And it’s me! And we are something, we have something. It’s not just me being Albus’ cousin- because there are others! I mean, there’s Lily, who’s beautiful, and there’s Molly, who’s incredibly smart, and there’s Roxanne, who’s hilarious, and there’s Lucy, who’s a Quiditch prodigy, there’s Ella Longbottom, who likes the same things as you, and is not awkward at all. And yet you choose me- to talk to, to tease, to tell things you don’t tell anybody. And yet you choose me- to make me fall in love with you!

Two days ago, as I ran into you at the Potter’s mansion, as you walked up to me, when I was reading and made it clear I didn’t want to talk to you, because you were distracting me, and when I told you to go away, you held my hand. You stopped me from going away by holding my hand and turning me around and asking me to wait. We talked all night, and you make me laugh. I had to shut my book, because Darcy and Elizabeth weren’t as interesting as your cat, or your owl, or your dad, or the time when you were seven and crashed your toy broomstick into an apple tree in the orchard and two apples fell on you and you cried because it was humiliating, and not because you were hurt.

And that’s when I think of the thousands of owls we send each other over the Summer, and the way you divert the topic when our friends tease us. I think of the girls you dump, and the way you froze when I accidentally said you’re also one of my brothers, when I do not think that. And I think that you probably actually missed me. Scorpius Malfoy missed me, Rose Weasley. Because, goddamnit, after five and a half years of friendship, and seeing you caring about me more and more, and the fact that I can’t get a coherent sentence out half the time I think about you, makes me think that there wouldn’t be anybody I’d willingly let into my life and drive me as crazy as you do.

You’re the thunderstorm to my drizzle, and the dragon to my dolphin. And you’re the smirks behind my giggles, and the lyrics to my music. Because we’re Scorpius and Rose, who are never meant to be, but cannot do without.

Okay, a little shaky, I know. But I wanted it to reflect Rose’s tormented, split mind about Scorpius and what he means to her and what she doesn’t mean to him.
And yay, fanfiction! Haven’t written one in so, so long!
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The Letter on Her Doorstep

It was a normal day for the Dursleys. Their son had just woken up and was squealing, waking up the entire street. Mr. Dursley blamed it on Mrs. Dursley and Mrs. Dursley blamed it back on him. After about ten minutes of arguing, they attended to their son, by feeding him breakfast.

Mrs. Dursley, then opened their front door, forgetting the previous day’s encounters, to put out milk bottles. And she stumbled upon a bundle of blankets, not knowing how far from normal her life was going to be, for the coming years. She screamed, waking up the little boy, about one year of age, with a scar the shape of a lightning bolt. With it, came a letter, addressed to her.

Dear Petunia Dursley,

I hope you have kept well since our last correspondence. May you have a great married life and Dudley (your son; if my sources are correct) live a long, happy life.

This, I write to deliver to you a grave, grave news. I’m sure the Ministry of Magic hasn’t contacted you as of yet. The child you’re holding belongs to your sister Lily Potter. Her husband James and Lily were killed on the night of 31st October.

Dear Petunia, let me give you my condolence, as I know that, although you and your sister haven’t been on talking terms, you did love her dearly. I hope you know that she did love you too, even after all this time. But know that she loved this son of hers, who, as you know is called Harry James Potter.

Let me tell you, that your sister died a brave woman, trying to protect her son. A wizard, by the name of Lord Voldemort hunted them down and tried to kill Harry. He couldn’t touch the boy because your sister died protecting him. It is ancient magic-love as a protective charm, and due to Lily’s action, her son survived the killing curse-something no wizard can be attributed of resisting, let alone live with a meager scar. Voldemort, on the other hand, fled, as his powers were weakened when the spell rebounded. I hope you appreciate the bravery exhibited by Lily. She was a brave, loyal woman and her sacrifice will be remembered by us for the years to come.

As for her son, he is assuredly going to be a powerful wizard and make you proud one day. You will need to guardian for him in order to make the spell work, as you are the only living family he has. While under your roof, he will have every protection he would need, as you share your bloodline with Lily Potter.

You need to know, Petunia, that the reason your sister and her husband were hunted down, was because, not only were they brave, powerful young wizards, but also a prophecy which says that the one with powers enough to destroy Voldemort would be Harry. He is our only hope to kill Voldemort, when he comes back to power.

I wouldn’t assume that everything was perfectly fine between you and your sister; and I’m aware of my contribution to ruining your relationship. But I hope you understand that I couldn’t be of any help to you whatsoever and that this strained relationship has no hand in the way you take care of Harry. I also hope that you would give Harry as much protection and love as you could give him as an aunt and let him grow up to be a fine young man by the time he gets his Hogwarts acceptance letter. Your protection and-even a place in your house, enough for him to call home would help Lily’s sacrifice work. It would help us in what I think would destroy an evil wizard to take over the world and kill innocent people such as you and your sister and destroy more families.

Let Lily’s sacrifice not go waste! Let the world see in Harry Potter a fine, brave young man such as his parents! Let him make you and I proud!

In case of any help, please don’t hesitate to get back to me-you know very well how to. I will keep an eye on Harry.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Reading this, Petunia wanted to cry. Her sister, her Lily was dead, killed by an evil wizard. What is it to me, she thought and hurried inside with the boy, and faced her husband.

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Harry Says

Haven’t written Harry Potter fanfiction in a long long,time. So here’s one I found on my dusting fanfiction.net account.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. Obviously. But apart from that, enjoy!

Dear Mum and Dad,

I hope you are alright, wherever you are. Harry says it is blissful for you. I think he is right.

Tomorrow, I am starting my first year at Hogwarts. I hope I’m a Gryffindor, like you, dad. But Harry says it’s not right to discriminate. I think he’s right.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to be away from everybody I ever knew. I’ll make new friends and some, I’ll have for the rest of my life. I hope everything will be okay. I know everything will be okay. Unlike the other kids, I have you two watching over me. Harry says I’m going to do great. I think he’s right.

But I can’t stop wishing that you two could somehow come back to me. I can’t help but hoping that my dreams of having you two at the station waving me good-bye like the other kids were true. I wish you were here somehow. I wish the war had never happened and you didn’t have to give up your life to save the others. But I know that I’m being selfish. But I don’t mind. Harry says it’s okay to feel that way. I think he’s right.

Dad, I think you’re a brave man to have fought the odds and stood up for what you believed in. I haven’t been discriminated, even at Harry’s big parties. Everybody looked at me as if I were a son of heroes. You don’t have to worry about that. Mum, I think you’re an amazing woman to have stuck by dad’s side and to have fought against all odds and didn’t discriminate against him. I’m glad you fought for me and my independence. The world you two strived to create for me is better and brighter, thanks to you. I’ll make you proud one day. I promise. Harry says I am the son of war heroes. I think he’s right.

So, I love you two for being who you are. But I wish you were alive and here with me. I wish I were like Victoire and James and Al and Lily. With a big family and siblings. I understandyou were trying to make a world in which I could live a happier life. But I don’t mind living a sad life, if that gave me you two back. Harry says he knows how I feel. I know he’s right.


Ted Lupin.

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