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The Collector of Love

You take a deep breath. It’s time.

You get your heart broken everyday you love him. You give your everything for his most things, and your everybodies for the third place in his life.

This is why I love you

He makes you laugh. He knows how to take care of you. He takes care of you when you’re down. He brings you black coffee before deadlines, hot chocolates when you are upset, and waffles and whipped cream when you’re happy. He brings you soup when you’re sick, and books from his mother.

He’s laughing.

He laughs when he’s nervous- before big interviews and presentations. He laughs at you when you’ve done something stupid. He teases you silly.

You don’t believe me?

He hates how collected you are, how passionate you are. He hates how you always speak your mind. He hates how you are silly but also smart. He hates it because it’s everything you’re not.

You don’t mean it

But you never joke about love. Because love is true. Love is trust. Love is belief.

Besides, do you always tell everyone you love them?

But you never joke about love. You don’t love many, not because they’re not worthy. But because you don’t do love.

I don’t love you

Your heart shatters, even though it shouldn’t. Who you love is under no obligation to love you back. Love is not a zero sum game, even though everyone thinks it is.

I love you

This is a different boy, the one who he hates. This one is joking. This one is amazing, and lovely, but it’s still not him. You don’t love him, because you can’t get yourself to.

I love you

This boy is not fond of him. But he’s a unique soul. He asks whether this boy loves you. Now you wish to show him that he does. You don’t love this boy, but really, really enjoy and cherish him.

I love you
It’s his best friend. His best friend loves you. But he doesn’t. You love his best friend too, but don’t tell him that because you don’t want to tell him.

I love you.

A classmate you helped with some stats.

I love you.

Your best friend, everyday, when you wonder whether you’re worthy of love.

I love you.

Your friend whom you wrote a poem for.

I love you.

Your friend, because you sent her a book of your favourite poetry.

I don’t love you.

Him, because you are a bro. Nothing more. You mean a lot, but not enough to love.

I really can’t love you.

Like it’s a skill, loving you. But it’s okay. You collect other people’s love because you’re worthy of love. It’s somehow not enough, even if it’s infinite. It’s not his.


Waiting For You.

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Waiting For You

Your eyes. I’m bewitched. Why did I notice your eyes in the first place, I don’t know. Yet, somehow I did. Those ocean blue eyes of yours had changed my priorities.

I wished you knew. I wished you felt what I felt. I wished you at least knew I felt what I felt. Why did I try so hard?

I tried to make you see. I tried to do everything I could. Yet, you never saw.

You say you were a kid. I was that too, you know? I spent most of my social life with you, since I met you. Couldn’t you see, then? Or did you choose to ignore?

I even started questioning myself. Was I right? Is it possible? Should I wait for you to realize what you were looking for was right here, beside you? Or should I just take you for what you are? My best friend?

You were too valuable, anyways. You were my best friend and I’d have never done anything to lose at least the friendship part of it. So I dated him. And somehow I was pleased to know you were jealous. That was never a part of my plan, you know. Hell, I didn’t even have a plan!

And when I tried to muster the courage to tell you, you started to date her. Oh, wasn’t I jealous? I could have hit her. And the way she bragged! I was almost sure I’d lost you. But then, when you said my name, the way you did! Boy, I could have died!

And still, we didn’t have it all. We tried and tried and tried. We did fight, but we were close to what we were searching for. As we held hands, I knew this was to stay. We did fight after that. A great deal of times. But I got what I wanted when I looked into your eyes. I had won the war. Your eyes bewitched me Ronald Weasley.





I’m sorry I don’t understand
Where all of this is coming from
I thought we were fine
Your head is running wild again
My dear we still had everything
And it’s all in your mind

You’ve been having real bad dreams
You used to lie so close to me
There’s nothing more than empty sheets
Between our love

I know I have the emotional range of a teaspoon, but our love is not soup to be measured by a utensil. I love you.

Yours always,

Lyrics Courtesy: Just Give me a Reason. (Pink ft. Nate Ruess)

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At That Moment… I Swear We Were Infinite

Yes, the only reason I read The Perks of Being A Wallflower, is because Emma Watson starred in the movie adaptation of the book. It is also true that the fragrance of its pages hasn’t faded from my fingers. It is still a very easy book to fall in love with.

It surely is one of those books that might have a very new meaning the next time you read it. Add on to it the fact that Charlie is very real – loves to read and every new read is a favourite, listens to records of lesser known bands and artists, finding his own identity- the book can be called a cult, creating a class of its own.

The Perks of being a Wallflower, is about a fifteen year old boy named Charlie, who feels left out and in high school, and why not! His friend shot himself the previous year and nobody knows why, his favourite person in the world dies trying to buy a present for him, one for Christmas, and one for Christmas eve-his birthday. His sister is in an abusive relationship, his parents had abusive and struggling parents, the girl he thinks he loves is not only his best friend, but also has asked him to stop thinking of him that way. His other best friend is forced to be in a closet relationship, for the fear of his boyfriend’s parents. He’s also trying to ‘participate’, but feels all weird and bad memories, which he doesn’t remember, haunt him.

But then again, his advanced English teacher Bill gives him books to read and review for himself and gives him secret grades, which do keep improving (on the report card, he always got straight A’s). His brother plays football at UPenn, which has put up a very good team, and he might get to play pro. His parents and understanding and take care of him well enough. His friends also love him and care for him.

The characters in this book make mistakes, stand up to it and are real. They fall in love and out of love. The form of the entire novel is epistolary, and is written to an unknown friend and the spatial setting is unknown. The entire thing makes it universal and immensely relatable.

Of high-school, holidays and friendships; of family, grandparents, cookies and candies; of sex, drugs, alcohol and smoking; of music, literature, football and movies; of proms, homecomings and parties; of driving around town in the night-lights, through tunnels, listening to music; of depression and endless laughter; of abusive relationships and love-the book talks of coming-of-age and adolescent feelings, which is why I rate it 7.8/10. (I don’t really like the style, however true it stays to Charlie’s character.)

(A Review to The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.)