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A different kind of love.

Fairy lights
Star-lit skies
Two souls

Cold wind
Hot breaths
In his head

Paint on canvas
Promises of forever
Around her neck
An albatross

Fingers intertwined
Shining eyes
Knowledge. Power.
Love forever.

Valentine’s Week Challenge: Seven Poems for Seven Days of Valentine.

Day Three: Another Original.

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The sleepless night

This, by far is the weirdest, freakiest night in my life. I’ve never before been this un-sleepy… I have my history text in my hand and I just finished a chapter. I’m supposed to give my boards for history this monday and as I’m studying this, I’m starting to like it.
I wonder, as the clock on the wall ticks and I hear the fan blades go round why exactly did humans start loving money. And I think it must have started from the time of the cavemen.. They must have fought over for food and animals. And as animals later became other commodities and later coins and paper money, these fights must have continued. The wierd part is that the cavemen fought over on instincts, but the fight for money is more conditioned now, isn’t it?
And then, I wonder if conditioning is making us any more civilised. Is it? We still fight over the same thing. Our fight instead of being resolved has turned into a more conditioned one. And now we don’t give up at all. We have become insatiable.
The wars fought for money is what indian history is full of. Money and power. I wonder what those kings did after wining a battle. What did they do with the power and money they had? I wonder why people still fight for power. I understand the cavemen doing it. To satiate their hunger. But today? Are we being less conditioned? Sometimes there are no answers.

Being a Don’s Best Friend!

He said he wanted to be a don. I never expected him to succeed in it. But there he is, now!  My best friend-a don! Oh, not the average, dangerous types! He believes in ‘Love makes men big, and hate makes them small’.
And to anyone who knows him-his juniors, his close acquaintances, the reporters-he is the biggest man to have walked the streets of the country, may be even the world. He respects the women in his life-his mother, his sister, his wife and me. He thinks about the sins in crimes, before committing them. That theory of his: Wow! It’s got him to places-including the throne of the underworld.
It was a cold night, the night my parents died-the night they were killed-cold murder. I was ten, then. It came with a tag-the corpses. It said, “Never, EVER mess with our Bhai: for future references.
Bhai woke me up from that long night five years later-he was sixteen then. He had been the eldest and the only son of his parents. After the five numb years of my life, he’d decided he’d be a don, an ethical don!
I’d seen him at sixteen, a confident young man with unmatched leadership qualities; and at twenty-one, graduating, ironically, from law school; then through the ranks of ‘the underworld’.
Then, after he became the king with no crown, he banned killing, without a cause: THE KILL GAME; and then selling of women and children on streets.
Bhai, my best friend believes in Madonna, and that selling kids or women on streets is a sin. He doesn’t support drugs, honor killing, or killing for ‘fun’, as his preceder did! That takes them all off the streets of the city-he ruled the country, in that way: the police and major Government officials succumb to money-to the fresh, hot smell of the ‘valuable’, ‘beautiful’ money!
People know he’s important. They respect him. He puts them all together, right.
He’s the man with the reporters, the one who works in the background-the one who does all the work while the others bask in the glory.
He’s my ideal man-my ideal human-he helped me come back from the half-dead to life-he told me how to live life, how to love life and he showed me the path.
So, tomorrow, as I gather with his closest friends and acquaintances to mourn his tenth death anniversary, I’ll still love him as I did eleven years ago and before that. And I’ll take pride at being a don’s best friend!