In Other Words

In Response to In Other Words, by Jhumpa Lahiri Before I started school, I was fluent in Malayalam, my parents' mother tongue, as well as Gujarati, the regional language of the state I lived in, making it my neighbours' mother tongues. But after I started school, I switched to English. As far as I remember, … Continue reading In Other Words


She wasn't one to have a lot of crushes, but on him, it seemed long overdue. What was not to like about him? A little hinting from their friends was all it took for her to fall for him. And damn it, he was worth the agony! Theirs wasn't a perfect relationship from the start. … Continue reading Mayfly

Shares of the Pie: The Sexist World We Live In

What is it about being a woman that you're proud of? It was a Counseling Psychology class, where this question was posed to us. They called the module Counseling Diverse Populations. We got a range of responses, some saying they like the fact that they could wear pretty clothes and others saying they wouldn't form … Continue reading Shares of the Pie: The Sexist World We Live In