2015 in Books.

37 books in a year. Probably a personal best. Thanks, Brunch Elanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell It's a YA novel about two misfits, who like any YA protagonists, find love. It's a brilliant book that deals with many issues. I'd rate it 8/10. What worked- The plot, the characters, the way conflict has been handled. … Continue reading 2015 in Books.


  There was buzz all over the internet about this one. Tumblr had chosen it as the first read for its book club. As somebody who practically lives on the internet, you can't ignore something like that. So obviously I had to read it. And I thank each one of you cray internet peeps for … Continue reading Fangirl.

100 Reasons why we love FRIENDS.

So, like everybody in the world and their grandmothers are obsessing over the ten year FRIENDS endiversary, I thought I should too. It took me hours to compile and a lot of rewatching so that I don't break into tears. So, yeah. 100 reasons why FRIENDS was the best thing on TV.   1. Chandler … Continue reading 100 Reasons why we love FRIENDS.