100 Reasons why we love FRIENDS.

So, like everybody in the world and their grandmothers are obsessing over the ten year FRIENDS endiversary, I thought I should too. It took me hours to compile and a lot of rewatching so that I don’t break into tears. So, yeah. 100 reasons why FRIENDS was the best thing on TV.



1. Chandler Bing.

From his uncle Bada to his one-liners to his photography-awkwardness to his silent laughter, I love everything about him. His ‘Humour as a defense mechanism’ to his love for Monica is just swoon-worthy.

2. Ross Geller’s Nerdiness.

No character on TV is the perfect blend of Nerdy and uh, hot and sweet and funny and stuff a lobster is made of.

3. Phoebe Buffay.

‘Nuff said.

4. Joey Tribbianni.

He’s adorably loveable and yet, kind of dumb, with a way with opening lines. You know. How you doin’? is the stuff of T-Shirts, which is a pretty big thing for a show that ended 10 years ago!

5. Monica Geller’s OCD

I haven’t come across anybody so OCD for cleanliness- apart from Danny Tanner- on TV, and you kind of love her for that.

6. Rachel Greene.

Bro, her closet is something I’m envious of. And I hate shopping. So get that. From Mom Jeans to Overalls to Ralph Lauren to EVERY SINGLE THING she owns.

7. The Rachel.

Every girl in the 90s and their moms wanted The Rachel Hairdo, even though Jennifer Aniston admits to hating it. But who cares. I would still do it if I had manageable hair.

8. Monica and Ross- Best Siblings ever!

From The Routine to playing Pyramids to everything else.

9. Joey’s French.

“Je te flouppe Fli”.  Oh, mon Dieu!

10. Brad Pitt as a guest star.

Wasn’t he oh-so-hot in it! Win for the universe!


11. Julia Roberts as a guest star.

Who know revenge was Chandler being naked but for pantyhose in a restaurant washroom stall? *hides face*

12. Bruce Willis as a guest star.

He’s a neat guy, alright!

13. Jill Goodacre as a guest star.

Yes, gum would be perfection!

14. Alen Baldwin as a guest star.

Let me just take a mental picture. *Click*

15. Christina Applegate as a guest star.

Rachel’s sisters are just hilarious.

16. Dermont Mulroney as a guest star.

D’uh. Look at him.

17. Cole Sprouse as a guest star.

When did Cody become so young?

18. Dakota Fanning as a guest star.

Who said pretty and smart don’t go together?

19. Denise Richards as a guest star.

This is so inappropriate. (But you could have a crush on a person collectively in a mix-gender group. Not at all non-normal. Hmph.)

20. Ellen Pompeo as a guest star. 

Heh. I love cross-fandom interactions. And this is canon, yo!

21. Gary Oldman as a guest star.

(Not because of Sirius Black. I swear.)

22. George Clooney as a guest star. 


23. John Stamos as a guest star.

How does he get hotter as time passes? (Inappropriate for Uncle Jesse, okay?) Have Mercy!

24. Paul Rudd.

He’s perfect for soccer-mom Phoebe!

25. Phil Lewis as a guest star.

As if we needed more Zack and Cody. But his “Monica warned me you’d do that” reestablished my faith in humanity.

26. Reese Witherspoon as a guest star.

I’d want her for a friend. I deserve a boat too!

27. Thomas Lennon’s hand as a guest star.

“My hand is your hand. Your hand is my hand.”

28. Tom Selleck as a guest star.

I honestly have a crush on Richard too. *swoon*

29. The Routine.

The routine for the win. 😀

30. Arquette.

Everybody’s surname changing to Arquette in the title of ‘The One with Vegas’ is just amazing.

31. “I’ll be there for you.”

Nothing makes my day like listening to this song. Especially before exams. And results. And when I’m pissed. And in life.

32. Baby’s Got Back.

That was just downright hilarious!

33. “I am Bea. I drink tea. Won’t you dance around with me?”

‘Nuff said.

34. Smelly Cat.

Best. Song. Ever.

35. Phoebe’s Christmas song.

No, don’t sing alone.

36. Freud! The Musical.

Best ish ever!

37. Ross’ Keyboard.

Thank Heavens it got over.

38. Ross’ Bagpipe.

My ears ring. Sometimes.


39. And Phoebe singing to whatever horrid song he was playing.


40. Way/No Way.

Chandler and Ross’ college erm band.

41. Viva La Gaygas.

Chandler’s dad’s all male burlesque revue. Remember their rendition of It’s raining men?

42. Big Fat Goalie.


43. Red Ross.

44. “He bruises like a peach”

45. “My EYES! My EYES!”


46. London.

Even with Emily, London was just amazing.

47. Las Vegas.

Everything was perfect. Kinda.

48. The beach.

So much drama!

49. The Jellyfish Sting.

*keeps mum*

50. Seven! Seven! Seven!

You know..


52. The Pilot episode!

Just the perfect pilot ever!


53. The One with the Embryos.

I must have watched it, literally, 50 times.

54. The One with the Rumour.

Apart from a swoonworthy Brad Pitt, the rumour and Ross’ affair with the 50 year old librarian was downright hilarious.

55. The One with the Prom Video.

And they get back together. It was just adorable!’

56. The Last One- Part Two.

Don’t kill me, but She got off the plane, yeah?

57. The one with the proposal- Part Two.

I wanted to cry happy tears.

58. The One with Phoebe’s Wedding.

I’ll be my something blue.

59. The one with Barry and Mindy’s wedding.

When Richard and Mon broke up, but for an honest reason. That’s when Monica was a grown-up.And you know, Rach, we don’t have your sheep.

60. The One that could have been. Both Parts.

It was one of my favourite episodes the first time I watched it. And still is.

61. “I am stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.”


62. “Could I be wearing any clothes?”


63. “We were on a break!”

I’m on Ross’ side.

64. “He’s her lobster!”

I wanted to melt.

65. Oh… My… God!”



66. “15 Yemen Road, Yemen.”

So much win.

67. “When were you… Under me?”


68. “Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!”

Yes Ross, thanks.

69. The Duck and the Chick. Just. Okay?


70. “‘Here come the meat sweats.”

71. “You must meet my uncle Bada!

You, Chandler, you!

72. “It’s a moo point.”

73. “Choose, you Jack-ass”

74. And, “Bamboozled.”

75. “Where was it.. The Sun?”

Chandler on Ross’: ” I went to the tanning place you suggested.”

76. “Joey! I love Joey! He lives with a duck.

77. “Ross- The Divorce Force!”

78. “Yes.. In Prison.”

That’s how they measure pants. Ross Says. Still Laughing.

79. “Unagi.”


80. And “Salmon Skin Roll.”

81. “Joey doesn’t share food.”

82. “It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy, and it is a big deal.”

83. “My price, my soulmate, my friend.”

84. “Neeever gonna happen.”

Joey on Ross, remember? And the word friend zoned was coined.

85. “How you doin’?”

Will work on all of us.

86. Holiday Armadillo.

Ross being his geeky and yet, caring self.


87. All the thanksgiving episodes.

Especially.. Oh, truly, all of them.

88. All the weddings.

I mean the main cast and Carol and Susan.

89. Emma. 

90. Gunther.

91. Ursula.


92. Monica and Chandler. 

93. Ross and Rachel.

94. Princess Consuela and Crap Bag. 

95. Jack and Erica.

The babies. Monica’s dream becomes Chandler’s dream too.

96. All the flashbacks.

97. Rumours of reunion.

Oh come on!

98. #FindYourLobsterToday

99. That Marta Kauffman and David Crane show us that they are going to be okay, in the end.

100. That they love each other.

As much as we love them. Truly. And it’s a rarity.



I could truly go on, for now I must bid you adieu and watch friends videos on YouTube.


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