The sleepless night

This, by far is the weirdest, freakiest night in my life. I’ve never before been this un-sleepy… I have my history text in my hand and I just finished a chapter. I’m supposed to give my boards for history this monday and as I’m studying this, I’m starting to like it.
I wonder, as the clock on the wall ticks and I hear the fan blades go round why exactly did humans start loving money. And I think it must have started from the time of the cavemen.. They must have fought over for food and animals. And as animals later became other commodities and later coins and paper money, these fights must have continued. The wierd part is that the cavemen fought over on instincts, but the fight for money is more conditioned now, isn’t it?
And then, I wonder if conditioning is making us any more civilised. Is it? We still fight over the same thing. Our fight instead of being resolved has turned into a more conditioned one. And now we don’t give up at all. We have become insatiable.
The wars fought for money is what indian history is full of. Money and power. I wonder what those kings did after wining a battle. What did they do with the power and money they had? I wonder why people still fight for power. I understand the cavemen doing it. To satiate their hunger. But today? Are we being less conditioned? Sometimes there are no answers.


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