Wandering through the Alleyway.

She walked through the dark corridors

Of her past, reflecting on her future

Thinking of the dear, dear friend

She had crushed on for the entirety of her existence.

Born on the same day as her,

Older by an hour

Better by a mile

Hers, always.

Running, memorizing the path

She chose for herself

Of cigarettes and magazines

Till all that remained of her was a filed paper

And eyes haunted by the ghosts of nothing in particular

Flowing through the dark alley,

Trying to find herself

What she had promised herself she would be

Trying to find her home in the wrecked alley

When evening falls, and the sunflower looked away.

Walking, pacing the dark alley,

Ghosts, masked faces

That’s where she met him again

Now looking better than his prepubescent self

His music playing,

Choking her with his six-strings

My last hope, thought she

The light at the end of the tunnel

Starlight in the dark, night sky

He would ease my mind, hoped she

Taking her in, comforting her

Cellphone in his hand

A lit cigarette in his mouth

Hair unkempt, a stupid smirk on his face

Shades hiding the darkness of his eyes

Looking straight at her

He lets her in, without reluctance

Little did she know, the empty shell

That he had a metal for a heart

And tar for a soul.

Yaay to NaPoWriMo. 😀

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