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The sleepless night

This, by far is the weirdest, freakiest night in my life. I’ve never before been this un-sleepy… I have my history text in my hand and I just finished a chapter. I’m supposed to give my boards for history this monday and as I’m studying this, I’m starting to like it.
I wonder, as the clock on the wall ticks and I hear the fan blades go round why exactly did humans start loving money. And I think it must have started from the time of the cavemen.. They must have fought over for food and animals. And as animals later became other commodities and later coins and paper money, these fights must have continued. The wierd part is that the cavemen fought over on instincts, but the fight for money is more conditioned now, isn’t it?
And then, I wonder if conditioning is making us any more civilised. Is it? We still fight over the same thing. Our fight instead of being resolved has turned into a more conditioned one. And now we don’t give up at all. We have become insatiable.
The wars fought for money is what indian history is full of. Money and power. I wonder what those kings did after wining a battle. What did they do with the power and money they had? I wonder why people still fight for power. I understand the cavemen doing it. To satiate their hunger. But today? Are we being less conditioned? Sometimes there are no answers.


Why would you miss college proffessors and related stories..

Okay, so yesterday was the lat day of Junior College. It hasn’t sunk  in yet, for some reason. Maybe, unlike school, I know I might return back. Maybe, unlike school, I have a long way to go for being ‘typical’. Maybe, unlike school, we have to go anyways, because the EXAMS aren’t over-and that is saying something! But still, even if I don’t exactly know how long before that feeling seeps through my skin… blood… and whatever else, I know I’m going to miss the professors. A little introspection, and I know exactly why..

History– Haven’t I said enough in his story? I mean, come on, he’s so mysterious. How many more teachers (teachers, I use) would teach you history this way? He’s tried, okay? To make himself interesting. But has never succeeded. I know why! Because, it is almost impossible to get out of the walls you’ve created for yourself! Oh, yes! But still- you cannot deny the fact that he knew his stuff-very well. And if you have paid attention, he makes super sense.

Psychology: Prof. FY- Well, this female hit openly on anybody and everybody who crossed her paths. Or so, we thought. She could have been a good child psychologist, but no she was adamant about being a teacher! And, believe me, she did no good! She practically ruined our interest in the subject! I mean, who else would read Pavlov’s find-outs on Classical Conditioning from the text? And, she treated us like kids. Kids of what? 3-4 years? Why would you do that? Urgh. No wonder she got sacked.

Prof. S.Y- Well, what do I say about her? Poor thing, no one ever listened to her. But I tell you what? She had awesome knowledge about what she’s teaching. And has brilliant methods. But, only, if she had some more control over the class! I’m pretty sure that she’ll learn the art of teaching! She’s pretty sweet. At least she was worth listening to, and she did increase my interest for the subject.

Sociology: I never knew such a subject existed until I joined college and was forced to take it, as it came with psych without math! And then, I liked her. With the way she shouts at you and starts laughing mid-way to the way she connects with us through her stories of adolescence, she has actually pinpointed all major the social issues in the contemporary world-especially India. And she taught me that the tribals are more rational and forward than rural, and some urban people! And the field-trip, was WOW! I wish we had more of subjective, hard-core sociology, rather than studying stuff like “Social Reformers”.

Economics:  Who knew Economics was so complicated and one thing leads to the other and that psychology is more what determines the condition of an economy than mathematical models? I never did. And all the while she’s been explaining wow economic models, theories and laws. And everything suddenly made sense-things like why on earth did my pocket money get spent even if it did rise! And, why did I never touch my other money-money received as gifts and all! I would have taken up economics further, but really, I need to get explained those things. I’m no natural, you know? Oh, and she also told us things like how brilliantly some people invested-loans from Japan and investment in India. She always went outside the mundane text to explain how eco works in the real world.

Information Technology:  Oh, he actually knows his stuff! And, so what if he has a very pathetic accent? He still manages to communicate well- I mean, you know exactly what he’s talking about! Although he says things like “Loudently”, you do get the idea! And, yes, he, like the others have made me so interested in what he’s teaching-and never before, have I loved IT more, maybe, except in Class 8!

English: Oh, what do I say about her? You may have heard these words many times, but “words cannot express my feelings!” I mean seriously, I never knew that a stupid Marathi poem transliterated to English would, or might contain any feeling! And, neither did I know that a little kid of 5, from Kashmir would write a poem which actually mirrors problems of remote, rural India. I never knew you could actually learn stuff from movies like Serendipity. I mean, she shows brilliant movies, and reads brilliant middles, and articles and stuff. And the ‘connect’ that we have with her is absolutely marvelous! I know, I’m going to miss her, as I have missed all my English teachers. And the feeling I got when I received a chocolate from her in FY and when she continuously said ‘I’ll miss you, class’, is proof of that. What can I ever write? Anything would be less! 🙂

And, that is what I’ve come to know: that why I would miss all my teachers is that, while some have introduced a new subject to me, the others have brought in the flame for the subject in me. While some have made me realize that I’m nothing, I stand nowhere; the others have made me realize that I do have the scope to be something, to stand somewhere. And the one factor is that, however boring the subject maybe, they’ve found a way to make it interesting, and highly love-able!

His Story!

He’s a self proclaimed disciplinarian. ‘A prisoner of my own image’. They hate him. Or may be what he teaches. History. Everything… Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Indian History. Two years of college and more than 4000 years of historical study… Tiring? Nope. Nobody has ever managed it, I’m sure.

And then, in the begining of the second year, he’d been appointed the Environment Ed. teacher. ‘An Occupational Hazard’, he called himself.

Sometimes I wonder how opaque he is, really. He could NOT be what he shows off. ‘A history teacher’, one of the history teachers said, ‘can never be interesting.’ Yeah. Sure. If a history teacher has to be interesting, s/he has to deviate from the topic. Or be Michael Wood, that is. But normal teachers can never be interesting. Especially when you use the “Chalk and talk”.

It’s his oratory that works. He speaks and he speaks and he speaks.He speaks of the “Harrapans”. He speaks of the “Aryans” and of “Marathas”, his latest. You give 10% of your attention and 90% of you will power, and you manage to get something into your head. Because after all… it’s history. Rulers had power over the world, but little power over themselves. They were vulnerable to their instincts. They were HUMAN!!

And then he comes in with the Khakhi pants. Formality. May be trying to show that he’s formal. May be he doesnt want to show the friendliness. May be he wants people to be afraid of him. And white shirt. White for… peace?

They say that they try and stay awake… and then drift away.. to some un-known, non-existing world.
I think they need pen, paper and a reliant will! Learn from those idiotic rulers, save your life. Learn what you’ll never otherwise learn: To forget, To forgive and To Live. [And to act (like you are not sleeping)]  🙂