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Elements: Magic

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                 Title: Union
                 Element: Magic

He stood there on the podium, eyes scanning the room.

He looked at the enchanted floor, reflecting the sand beneath, but holding the chairs just right. He scanned the room for his best mate. Wasn’t he supposed to be there with him, giving him support?

He looked at the beach, and the setting sun. The sky left pink and purple traces, with grey clouds, just enough to leave silhouettes of the people walking across the arches. He looked at Dumbledore, sitting there, drinking his favourite Sherbet Lemon. He chuckled.

His eyes fell upon the candle-lamps spread across the hall, dangling midway, and giving every individual present an enchanted glow. He looked at the scarlet lace curtains and the golden sunflowers. He felt himself swell up with emotions.

He could see his mum sitting on the front row, near the enchanted plant of white roses. She looked at him, with teary eyes and smiled. He smiled back, unsure if it were okay for him to shed tears.

His dad stood there, grinning and making their guests laugh. He looked so at ease, as if it weren’t that big a deal. But he knew how nervous his dad actually felt. He thought of how similar they actually were.

And then, the music suddenly changed. His heart missed a beat, as an old man reached the corner, flashing a broad smile. To his right was the most beautiful lady he had ever seen. To his left was a heart beating rapidly.

As he saw her walk down the aisle, with the prettiest smile she had ever adorned, he calmed down, reflecting her smile, radiantly. She looked at him and gave him an excited, yet small nod, which cleared his head of all his fears.

As Lily walked down the aisle, with her green eyes sparking, and the train of ger gown behind her, James realized that the world was truly what he was told it would be. Just a small wink from her was enough for him to realize that his world, was indeed magical. And maybe spells and charms had nothing to do with it.

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Elements: Fire

So, here’s the sixth part. I am definitely a little disappointed that it’s going to be over in another one. Thank you for your reviews and follows! Makes my day, honestly!
                  Title: Young
                  Element: Fire

He could hear the water in the shower, and a light hum of a song he couldn’t recognise. He could hear the crackling of the fire, and couldn’t help but smile at the peace that his, their life now was.

She got out of the shower, in a gray bulky jumper that belonged to him, and a pair of black pajama bottoms. Her hair was still wet, and left huge drops of water at the back of her jumper. She shuddered, while drying her hair, and looked outside to see additional layers of snow accumulated, since she went in to have a shower. In a minute, she started trembling.

He laughed, looking at her trembling state, and motioned her to sit next to him on the armchair. She snuggled close to him, as he summoned a dragonskin blanket from his drawer. They sat there, not muttering a word, for a long time.

‘It’s nice to be away from all that drama, isn’t it?’ she broke the silence.

‘It’s bloody brilliant,’ he laughed. ‘I was thinking, once all of this is done with, I might want to play Professional Quidditch for a year or two. What do you think? Take those years off. Do what I’m good at, and what I can do, without doubting myself. Yeah?’

‘That’ll be amazing! You can go off and be who you are, no dark wizard to hold you off. Maybe I can be a Healer at St. Mungo’s. The years I spent healing you four every month,’ she laughed.

‘Healer! Why am I not surprised! You’ll have to apparate in for every match, though. What could I do without knowing you’ll watch me put the Quaffle in and beating everyone’s asses?’

‘Or falling off the broom because you saw a beautiful girl, most likely a Veela, sitting right in front of you?’

He laughed at that, shaking his head. She snuggled in closer to him. Her thoughts wandered off, thinking about meeting someone like him, getting to know him, being friends with him and falling in love with him. She thought of their ride in the Hogwarts express in the first year, and how if somebody would have told her she was going to be in love with him six years down the line, and sit with him on an armchair, in front of the fire in his room, she might have laughed at them, at the very least, if not break their noses.

He looked at her, her hair reflecting in the fire light, the only thing as bright as the fire in the room. He chuckled, as a voice in his head said, mine.

Suddenly, she felt him move, and try to get up. Her face fell, as she realized how comfortable she was. ‘One sec,’ he said, as he stood up, and crossed the room. ‘I’ll be right back.’ She heard him open and close a couple of drawers across the room, and wondered what he wanted suddenly, that he couldn’t summon. She saw him walk back to her, with confident strides, but a small blush playing on his cheeks. She looked on with a quizzical brow. He stood there, for about half a minute, looking at her, hands in his pocket. Her heart pounded, as she saw him, suddenly go down on one knee.

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Elements: Water

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               Title: Cliché
               Element: Water

It was a little bit cliché, most love stories are. It was raining so hard, she could barely hear the whispers in the corridors anymore. Enticed by the smell of fresh grass, she decided to take the day off. Homework could wait. It was her day, and she decided to dance in the rain.

He sat at the window, reading. The rain sliding off the window, making his dark room darker, and shabbier. He held the black coffee mug. It sent shivers down his spine. He accidently dropped the cup, spilling coffee all over his light blue jeans. He looked up to realize that the rain was now pouring harder than ever. He put aside the book, for the first time in hours.

She quickly changed into a flowing white dress, her favourite kind. Her fiesty red hair, now open, her charm bracelet tucked away in the safety of her trunk. The hard beating of the rain inviting her. She couldn’t believe she was doing it. After five years, finally. She giggled at the thought of it.

He quickly changed into a black shirt and cotton pants. His hair as disheveled as ever. His spectacles lopsided. He was done waiting, it was today. The day he’d remember as the day he let go. The day he danced in the rain.

She ran like Satan was following her. After a few minutes, of jumping, hooping and running on the Quidditch Pit, she stopped and took a deep breath. Suddenly she had the urge to laugh. So she broke out, laughing like she hadn’t laughed in ages.

He casually walked to the place where he’d go. The place where he can be himself, fly above anybody else. Slowly gaining speed, he closed his eyes and ran. By the time he heard the laugh, it was too late for him to stop. He ran right into her and both of them toppled over, right into the ground.

She opened her eyes, her voice stuck in her throat.

He opened his eyes to find a ball of red hair, which he recognized to be hers.

“James,” she whispered, barely hearing herself.

“Lily?” he answered, unsure.

“Yes,” she said. “YES!”

“What?” he said, now confused.

“Yes. I’ll go out with you,” she said.

Because sometimes, you have to give in and do what you want to do.

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