The Solution

Running away from a problem is a certain step towards falling in love, he said to me. His legs take him to Baghdad and Calgary. Mine stray in the public transport of the city we both call home. Our lives, our love is like a thunderbolt.

Why don’t we stay a little bit longer, he asks me. This beautiful cocoon we both fell in love in? I wish it were that easy- just make a wish, and it came true. But all we’re left with are scars black and blue.

Are those shooting stars? Let’s make a forever kind of wish! It’s just that you are the one I want the most- all this executive privileges, the money, the travel allowances- they mean nothing if I can’t take you out to beer when you feel nothing is going right for you. My fingers don’t mean a thing, if they can’t caress you at the end of a long, hard day. 

Running away is a certain step towards falling in love. Because I can run away from my problems, and you can run away from yours, and we can both run towards each other, and to be honest- you are the solution to all my worries.


About TheBlackWallflower

I'm just your average unique person. I love to read and write (no surprises there, eh?) and think a lot. I adore Rowling and think Harry Potter should be a religion. I also hate pink. I love fluff generally because it makes me feel intelligent and I love poetry because it makes me feel different. (yes, references.) I'm married to Sirius Black. So I sign myself as The Bitch alarmingly often. Oh, and I love Mr. Darcy. And Jo Longo. And Chandler Bing. And Sherlock. (Yes, I'm a fantard.) And in case you want to drop in a good, or a critical word, feel free to email me: OR, follow me on Twitter: @WallflowerBlack Enough with the babble. OkBye. View all posts by TheBlackWallflower

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