Dreaming from the comfort of my bed

I grew up in a beach town, where if I was lucky, and the wind was really strong, I could smell the sea if I stood on the balcony. My favorite days were the ones where those spent on the beach, with family-friends, soaking up till our chin, and jumping as high as we could, and eating the snacks that we brought along, and drinking the fresh coconut water right out of its hard, green shell with a straw and asking the cart guy to give us extra malai. (Hands up if your mouth just started watering).

Maybe that’s why I have a certain affinity towards beaches. Maybe that’s why I’m the calmest at the beach, letting the voices in my head shout with joy, and getting lost within myself. Maybe that’s why the response to this prompt was simply: Beaches.

But here are the five places I’ve always wanted to visit:

  1. Vienna, Austria: Maybe it’s Billy Joel. Or maybe Freud. I’m not sure, but, something about it screams “Come here, you crazy child, I’m waiting for you.” But like I said, probably just Billy Joel
  2. Mexico, Mexico: For the beaches, and for being the last stop in the book (memoir?) On the Road and for everything in between.
  3. Edinburgh, Scotland: Because I dreamt of going to the University of Edinburgh before I realised my dad isn’t that rich, and I cannot afford Masters in the UK and then a PhD in the US. And also, the birthplace of Harry Potter.
  4. Vatican City: I don’t know why, but hey, Rome is close by. Maybe that’s where I should really go, but Vatican City has been a dream since I was maybe 10.
  5. Paris, France: Because I have studied literature. Why wouldn’t I want to go to Paris? And Paris au Printemps has been etched in my mind since my brief stint at learning French. Also, thanks Woody Allen.

What are five places you’ve wanted to visit, and why?
(PS: Yes, I heard Si Tu Vois Mere at least 10 times while writing this, what’s your point?)

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3 responses to “Dreaming from the comfort of my bed

  • Nimz

    Ladakh.. I love mountains.. am addicted to it.. and that’s why I chose Ladakh.. 🙂
    Paris.. Ofcoz.. Because I have studied Architecture.. 😉
    North Carolina… Because I love Nicholas Sparks.. 🙂
    Alps.. Anywhere in Alps.. My dream destination from 8th standard on wards..
    Australia.. I don’t know why.. May be cause of Ricky Ponting.. I love the country.. 😛

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