Dear Stranger,

Dear stranger,
It was nice knowing of you
Your vices, your obsessions
Your demons, your confessions
A little from the distance I heard of you
Mutual friends laughing at you
Thinking of epic! things you did
The girl chasing, the friendzoning,
You hitting on my best friend,
Without her knowing.

Dear Stranger,
They talked about you, you know.
Laughing at you, like teenagers do
But loving you nonetheless, bro
Learning your games, and your quirks
Gaming consoles associated with
Endless hours of laughing and youthful memories.

Dear Stranger,
I remember being sleep deprived and high
The first time I interacted with you
Tiger, I called you, mockingly
For I was reading Life of Pi at that time
And for reasons I do not remember,
I thought it was hilarious at the time.

Dear stranger,
I wish I had hung out with you when I could
I wish I had known you when it was all fun and games
I wish I had memories with you,
To write it down, to fill a page.

Dear Stranger,
I heard what you did today.
I don’t know why or how,
Your reasons and your choices,
I don’t understand, but I care for reasons unfathomable
Maybe my friends are grieving
Or my heart tugs at others’ helpless
Years of being taught to care bothering me
Or maybe it was just unfair?

Dear Stranger,
They We are grieving,
A loss insurmountable.
We are hurting
You’re not that unimportant.
Beneath the facade of robotic plastics
We do care.
For a rope could end your life,
But you continue to touch us forever.


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