To Hair!

Ginger, blonde, auburn, shiny black
Worthless attempts to tame the untamable
Hair, I’m talking of, you know that mop that sits on your head?
That which splatters itself on your bed?

Value it when you have it, they say.
Cherish it, nourish it, care for it.
Oil it, shampoo it, condition it, mousse it
Straighten it, curl it, colour it till you loose it.

Cut it, comb it, grow it out, tie it up
Let it fall loosely along your shoulder
Because it’s beautiful and shiny, is it not?
Dead cells, nothing else, like the hearts ye possess.

There I said it, I hate it- and not just mine
Frizzy, curly, snake like, impossible
But yours too- clogging my bathrooms and sinks
Giving me a taste everytime it finds itself in my food
Disgusting, you say? Thank you.
Spend another thousand dollar bill
To cherish it, love it, maintain it
Nourish and Value it till it lasts.

Found hair in my mouth after my 10th nap of the day. So here’s angst and hate.


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