My frazzled brain in a knot
Overburdened by daily life shenanigans
Your long fingers impatient
Try to get me into frugal conversations

We’re like sunrise and sunset
And the beautiful shadows behind the trees
Never one without the other
But never once together

Your obdurance impertinent to my soul
A fluttering heartbeat, and an impatient tapping of fingers
In labyrinths of passion and intimacy
Afraid of promises of forever

We dwell through poetry and mysticism,
Society, Evil, Popular Culture and Feminism
Always arguring, never knowing why
Till we crash through our walls

I realize you’ve saved me
You’ve made me believe in everything
I once denounced as improbable
Like soulmates and love and chauvinism

Open your eyes to find me waiting for you
Hoping that you realize that I am the cliche
That you’ve been unconsously waiting for
To do those non cliched things with.

Libraries, Starlit night skies, dogs,
The birds and the bees, the rainbows and unicorns
Netflix, Spotify, Movies, and Poetry
Await us beyond our forced ignorance.


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