Beat Dreams

I wish you came in a chopper
And smoked illegal drugs
Worshipping Kerouac and Ginsberg
Cassidy and Borroughs

I wish you were a Dharma Bum
And wore beaded bracelets
Living in a mini van
With no cares about a tomorrow

I wish you walked around half naked
Because clothes bind you down
Living in your ghetto in Bronx
With your Folsom Prison Blues

I wish you wore your hair in a dreadlock
And travelled with your groupies
Being on the road on your whim
With not a worry about the rent that’s due.

I wish you were a Buddhist
Trying out religions new
Alternative sexuality, Cocaine,
Smoking cigars more than a few.

I wish you could let go
Of the spirits that haunt you
Because you’re better than
Always feeling blue.

I wish you weren’t perfect
An illusion you cling to
Tamer than a circus lion
Breathing to live through.


About TheBlackWallflower

I'm just your average unique person. I love to read and write (no surprises there, eh?) and think a lot. I adore Rowling and think Harry Potter should be a religion. I also hate pink. I love fluff generally because it makes me feel intelligent and I love poetry because it makes me feel different. (yes, references.) I'm married to Sirius Black. So I sign myself as The Bitch alarmingly often. Oh, and I love Mr. Darcy. And Jo Longo. And Chandler Bing. And Sherlock. (Yes, I'm a fantard.) And in case you want to drop in a good, or a critical word, feel free to email me: OR, follow me on Twitter: @WallflowerBlack Enough with the babble. OkBye. View all posts by TheBlackWallflower

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