To Tea

Black, brown, with or without sugar
You pulled all the right triggers
Keeping our sleep at bay
Even on a cold winter day.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in
Sit down, I’ve got to tell you something
Now this may break your heart
And turn you cold and bitter

He walked in with a white cup, grande
A green lady in the front, and vanilla icing- Golden, sizzling, cold,
Smelling like heaven and stardust
And called out my friend’s name
Mispronounced, misspelled.

A little sip on said friend’s insistence
And I was transported to my happy place
Green hills, alive with the sound of the breeze
‘Twas then that I knew you weren’t my exact match.

An affair that started on a cold winter morning
I was cold, and it was hot
A tiny sip to remind me of sunshine
And little beams of heat
Went on throughout Spring and summer next
Till I found out I was addicted-
Addicted to your cousin, coffee.

It was supposed to be funny.
Was it? Or should I just stop trying?

Twitter: @wallflowerblack
There’s a cool challenge going on called The #BrunchBookChallenge where you’re supposed to read 30 books this year (2015). I’m taking it, so you can check out my progress, if you want. (And motivate me and suggest me books) Or participate!

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