It was, but two summers ago
The peak of my social awkwardness,
When you walked in, like you do
Just out of a messy friendship,
I sat and watched. What else was to do?

You, in your white shirt and tailor-made navy blue trousers
Looking like a teenage dream that I’d dreamt all my existence
Didn’t need to open a thousand browsers
To figure out my emotions

Like a hurricane it hit me
Was it the smell of your obviously expensive perfume?
Or was it my pituitiary gland taking over?
Making me a puddle of nervous exhilaration

Maybe it was that you looked like my ideal fictional hero-
A Darcy, no less
In your impeccable English
And your honey-dripping melodies
You entangle me, unbeknownst to you.

And today, behind the illusory beautiful forever
A facebook notification tells me it’s your birthday
A momentary lapse in my controlled existence
You remind me I am not through

Today, as I reached newer heights
I am sure it’s because of you
Forcing illusory associations
Between your birthday and my happy news
So much so, that even when my arch enemy
Flies with me, I ignore her.

My temporary euphoria, I relate to you
Stupid, mindless, crush that you are
Who transports me to two summers back
When things were not quite right
But the memories of you
Enough to bright up my bubble of life
As if you’re the Disneyland
To my princess-y fantasy.


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