The Luminous Giant.

My thoughts splattered on the ground
As I saw the luminous giant coming my way
As much as I wished I were homeward bound
To my thoughts that always hear what I had to say

We sure had our moments of glory
As the commotion unfurled successively
Dissonance, was it? Or mere denial?
For when the truth calls out there’s no mountain to hide behind.

I always fought, a fighter against myself
My thoughts and beliefs at war against myself
People digust me: the mockery, the fake smiles,
And the ever so controlled responses to my overzealous laughter.

Insistence of desirability, conformity, adoration
My very own ideas and love kept on probation
As I try mingling into nothingness, I see
Them asking me to validate, approve, and boost them

Year after year, second after second
The luminous beast tries to engulf me
And as much as I kept running away
I saw their pathetic bodies trying to follow my ways.

Ugh. Not satisfied.
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About TheBlackWallflower

I'm just your average unique person. I love to read and write (no surprises there, eh?) and think a lot. I adore Rowling and think Harry Potter should be a religion. I also hate pink. I love fluff generally because it makes me feel intelligent and I love poetry because it makes me feel different. (yes, references.) I'm married to Sirius Black. So I sign myself as The Bitch alarmingly often. Oh, and I love Mr. Darcy. And Jo Longo. And Chandler Bing. And Sherlock. (Yes, I'm a fantard.) And in case you want to drop in a good, or a critical word, feel free to email me: OR, follow me on Twitter: @WallflowerBlack Enough with the babble. OkBye. View all posts by TheBlackWallflower

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