20 Things I Adore about You

You’ve been mercilessly blackmailing me to write a post on you. So here’s, on your 20th, me trying to contain your awesomeness into 20 points.

1. Your honesty
2. You react in the way I want you to react
3. Your reactions might be the only drama in my life right now
4. You’re deep. If you know what I mean
5. You’re funny without being rude.
6. You’re naive without being stupid.
7. You’re amazing without even realizing it.
8. You’re entertainment enough for me. I don’t need TV when I have you.
9. You give messed up advice to messed up people, and when it’s not me, I love it.
10. We hate all the same people.
11. My first novel, if ever will be dedicated to you.
12. You’re unassuming and perfectly adorable.
13. You love me too much.
14. You keep all my secrets.
15. You tell me all your secrets.
16. Your home is like home to me now.
17. You come home and demand food, slice, popcorn, and sleep.
18. Samosa+Maaza+Music and Lyrics + You = Best combination ever.
19. Long drives and cheap Thursday movies are incomplete without you.
20. You’re a best friend I’m definitely keeping for life.

Happy Birthday, BG. Here, now the whole world knows how much I love you. 🙂


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