Falling Again

You get me through the night
Into the promise of a brighter, lighter day
Of all things about which we fight
I remember clearer than the month of May

Night grew into nights, fights became more passionate
Your perseverance at keeping me at bay
Failed as we fell into morning baits
And just one sound from me made you stay

You grew on me: like days of spring, you and I
Strutting around the meadows of future days
Obnoxiously celebrating our best and our worst
Shutting out the rest of the world-made of clay.

The fights grew more intense,
The waterworks were making their way
As the Monsoon clouds began to darken
Our months of Summer days

And you leave me alone in the rain
Our friendship to you was just a play
Leaving me to search impatiently up and down the memory lane
As your forever ended yesterday, and mine continues to be today.

Wouldn’t you tell me what went wrong?
I miss you every passing day
Your friendship impertinent to my sanity
Or was that too, for you, made of clay?

Too busy. And I have zero inspiration. Hence the pathetic attempt. I have no idea where all the angst comes from.
Requests are gladly accepted, because anything to prompt me to write will be appreciated!

Twitter: @Wallflowerblack


About TheBlackWallflower

I'm just your average unique person. I love to read and write (no surprises there, eh?) and think a lot. I adore Rowling and think Harry Potter should be a religion. I also hate pink. I love fluff generally because it makes me feel intelligent and I love poetry because it makes me feel different. (yes, references.) I'm married to Sirius Black. So I sign myself as The Bitch alarmingly often. Oh, and I love Mr. Darcy. And Jo Longo. And Chandler Bing. And Sherlock. (Yes, I'm a fantard.) And in case you want to drop in a good, or a critical word, feel free to email me: theblackwallflower@gmail.com OR, follow me on Twitter: @WallflowerBlack Enough with the babble. OkBye. View all posts by TheBlackWallflower

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