Always: Heaven

Chapter 2: Heaven
A Harry Potter Fanfiction
Pairing: James/Lily
Alternate Universe

Lily Evans was the kind of girl who wished she could wear pajamas day in and day out. But today, she decided to wear those not-so-comfortable skinny jeans, with a dress shirt and her black boots just for a boy. A boy who has now made her wait for more than an hour. She was now impatient, and paced down the library, just about ready to leave, when she heard a soft clearing of a throat, followed by a ‘Er…Evans?”

She looked at the boy with so much spite, that it might have killed him, if she were magic. He looked ashamed. “Hi. I, uh, I fell asleep,” said he. Her look of contempt made him drop his gaze to her feet. Suddenly, he looked up and said, “I waited for years, this is just an hour, yeah?” At her look of total fury, he said, “Not the right thing to say, huh?”

The pair of them, after about five minutes of bickering, walked out of the library, and into the waiting Mercedes of the boy. They zoomed through the city lights in absolute silence, but the songs playing on the radio.

After about ten minutes, the car stopped outside a homey shop, in a lane clearly not frequented by many. “What place is this?” she asked, hiding curiosity and doubt. “You’ll see,” was the confident, almost nonchalant reply.

It was after Lily walked in that she finally realized that heaven is, in fact, a place on earth.

Twitter: @wallflowerblack

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