Always: Waiting

Chapter 1: Waiting
A Harry Potter Fanfiction
AU James/Lily

It was snowing outside and she was waiting. Always waiting. Sometimes she thought he might just think of her as a conquest. Like Sirius and he might have divided girls between themselves in freshman year. And she was the only one he hadn’t won over. Till yesterday, that is. Yesterday, she asked him. She initiated the conversation, while he played it cool. Like after the past three and a half years of begging for her to “just get one cup of coffee, even discussing about brain anatomy for the AP class” would do. But yesterday he played it cool. And it annoyed her.

A cold wind was blowing over. She had to ball up both her fists and put them inside the pockets of her sweater. Even breathing took an effort, but she decided to walk it up to the city library.
As soon as she entered, the smell of his perfume hit her. She wanted to turn back and run away, instinctively, but that, she knew, was pointless. And a reflection of her cowardice. And of all things, coward, she was not.
He bumped into him. “Evans!” he acknowledged. She nodded in return. “I was on my way back. Do you want me to wait for you?” She said no. He walked away, nonchalantly. And it infuriated her for some reason.
So, obviously she rung him on the phone. And asked if he wanted to revise AP Biology over coffee soon. He said he’d check his schedule and call her.
After an hour of waiting for him to return her call, and bashing herself over it, he texted back asking her to meet him the next day in the school library.

And now, it’s been an hour. She’s been waiting for an hour. Nobody has made her wait for an hour. She is annoyed that he had to check his schedule. She is annoyed that he texted her, instead of calling her back. She’s annoyed that she has to wait for him in the cold.

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