The Stupid Little Things

I remember that day like your name
Etched in my brain, itching on my tongue
Every time I hold a pen,
Your name crawls under my skin.

And I remember the sound of your laughter
Like the thrill that ran through my back
And I remember the smell of your breath of peppermint
And the exact hue of your eye colour.

But, I hate the way your name blinks on my screen
Making me want to throw up every time
Your stupid statuses about moving on
As if loving you loving me was a crime.

But I remember the tone of your temper
Synchronizing with the loudness of my laughter
And I remember your stupid comebacks
Trying to outwit me every time we’d have our mock-fights.

The dreams we dreamt together
Now lay untouched in pages
Of the diary we kept together
Strings of happier times stored forever.

And I remember the pictures on that day
When we got wasted together, taken in oblivion
And how we slept holding hands, on that bus
Taking that trip we’d always wanted.

The paths we’d paved together
The walls we’d crashed for the other
The tears we’d shed of joy
And the memories of you, oh boy!

And it’s still those stupid little things I remember
Your 2 AM snores, and those white lilies daily
The touch of your fingertips, and your sudden outcries
Your blinking your eyes trying to be coy.

And I still remember our hands intertwined
You waving out till I was out of sight
The stiffness of the collars of your favourite shirts
The suddenness of your love and the hunger of your eyes.

So what if I have a major submission tomorrow and I still have a night’s work to do? When inspiration calls, I answer. 😛

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