Family Matters.

A deck of cards and some old jokes
Laughing so hard, you’re moments away from death
An old ticking clock capturing each second-tick tock
Of the memories made, and the swelling of hearts

You and I trapped in a dark room
Reminiscent of the experiences and stories we shared
Thousands of times we almost gave in to the impending doom
Naked to our fears and insecurities, we walk with our shoulders bared

Insects buzzing by, crawling all over us
As we laugh and cry and create memories
All the grief, yearning, and all the fuss
Notwithstanding, as we seek absolute glories

Of boys, school, dates, crushes, and friends
Fandoms, books, the death of a favorite poet,
We talk and walk till the night ends
And wake up with our eyes coloured scarlet.

Through this and more, as we wade through
Unknowing of the love we feel and the time that flew
The month of May coming to a close
At wake we stand of reality’s bitter dose.

But, unlike all relations we break away from
Much like those old favorite songs that we sung
Even though we have, as people, changed
Bound by blood, as fate has it arranged
We stay easily within the others’ hearts
Even when we stay months, sometimes years, apart
Not just, because, as family, we have to
But more so, because, truthfully, we crave to.


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