The calm of the midnight street enthralls you

As the orange light of the streetlight

Washes over the street in front of the window

And you look back at the new friend you have made.


Slowly, the love letters creep back

Their place, rightfully, into the bookshelves

And the photographs, a trope

Of your life- begins to refill


Everything about him fits your bill

Or that’s how you certainly like to hope

Straight in your heart the stranger dwells.

And in all the patience and love you lack


But now you know you wouldn’t trade

Everything you learnt the last couple of weeks though

And you know your conscience will fight

Against you being adamant too


And that’s when you calm down

Comfortably onto your plush bed

“I want nothing but love,” he said

And you have a heart full of it, for going around.


Because it’s NaPoWriMo, another Poetry Challenge based on the theme colour.
The Colour Challenge: A week of original poetry based on seven colours.

Day 6: Orange.

(I’m extending the challenge by trying to tell a story through the seven colours I choose. Don’t know if it’ll work out though.:P)

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