You’re back to the big bad city

In your tight, comfortable sweaters

Just in time for spring, the leaves breathing

Afresh as you do, healing.


Your new haircut, and your bracelets

Now make you feel pretty

Ready to rise like a phoenix from the ashes

And then something in your memory flashes


That old love you once had,

Still beats in your heart

And how they looked on in pity

And you take a step back and remind yourself to be gritty


There is now a sparkle in your eyes

A determination to be better

And to start all over

From all the given goodbyes.


So now you look forward to the new you

In this old city you just returned to

With the same old people you left back for a while

Looking for that same old enchanting smiles.


Because it’s NaPoWriMo, another Poetry Challenge based on the theme colour.
The Colour Challenge: A week of original poetry based on seven colours.

Day 5: White

(I’m extending the challenge by trying to tell a story through the seven colours I choose. Don’t know if it’ll work out though.:P)

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