Somebody I want to know

A cold Sunday morning

At work, with the most adorable people

Giving up on my weekly sleep

That’s when I first saw you.


You offered help, when you saw me hopeless

Wearing a mark of Solidarity in

Ethnic Background. For reasons unfathomable

It mattered to me, at that ripe, young age.


I noticed you. You’ve altered me.

A stranger. Yet, somehow I knew you.

A quick hello here and there

To brighten up my otherwise dull day.


No, we weren’t friends. No, we never exchanged numbers.

But you made it a point to facebook inbox me on my birthday, every year.

Not a message otherwise, but a quick like on a photo,

Or a comment on my post to make me instantly fall for you again.

We were different, but you were my model.

To be like you, was the best I could be.

So I read the same books as you, watched the same movies, and watched your kind of TV, heard your favorite bands.

And guess what? I didn’t even have to try! I loved them every bit as you did!


But then you moved to another country, another continent.

Where you were having the time of your life.

And no, I wasn’t envious of the girls you were friends with, and might have dated.

I was jealous of them (just a little bit) because they got to know you better than I ever will, even though I knew of you longer.

I breathed the same air as you

And that made me incessantly happy.




I know I have ignored this blog for a while now. But trust me, I was too busy with school. Buuut, here I am, back again. And I will update more frequently, because, it’s Summer!

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