A Moment to Remember

It lasted for half a second. But her life had changed.


She looked ahead, giggling hysterically. People around her stared at her. Will they ever understand? Probably will. They might have gone through it too. She wondered how she couldn’t have experienced this Euphoria in all of her existence? The world suddenly seemed happier and hopeful. The sun, bright; sky, blue; rainbows, butterflies, unicorns. She wanted to jump up and down. Scream out to the world. In her head, she did the most graceful gymnastics moves. Because of that one little thing.


He had heard her ramble on and on before. About her greatest fears. The most embarrassing moments in her life. Her ideas, beliefs, morals. Her perspectives to life. And he couldn’t help but want to scream out his intense emotions. She called him names. Mean. Annoying. Bastard. Asshole. But also awesome. She, it seems, was at splits about what she thought of him. But it never stopped him from falling for her deeper. Harder. Over and over again.

It wasn’t a particularly endearing moment. They had had an intense fight about something so inconsequential, he couldn’t even remember. But after two minutes of laughing, they were suddenly shooting sarcastic comments at each other. She bought up an old fight, and he wanted to split her throat and drink her blood till she ran dry. He wanted to stab her till the lips of her scars oozed scarlet. And he leaned forward to meet her lips as her hands locked themselves around his neck.

It lasted for less than a second, but they now could see all eternity together, and be happy. Their lives had changed.


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