To Ignorance.

The sky spreads itself around me,
The stars twinkling and gazing down
From another, brighter universe.
Maddening, Dazing, Stark Naked.

Will you let me hide under your stars, Ignorance?
Dance underneath the sun; laughing, and breathing
Freedom from responsibility. Freedom from life.
Oh Ignorance! The bittersweet air about you!

Unto you, I bestow my success.
Of strife, of being loved and adored.
What else would I have done when
It was in you they found the best of me?

I stood up once, against you.
They beat me down back to you.
“You belong to this world,” said they.
And I merged my identity to yours.

Can you hear them whisper? Them aliens?
They call out to me, urge me to go their way.
But you bind me down to you, mother.
And nullify my wants and desires.

Let me hide under the blanket of your stars
For when the Other World calls me again
I will rebel against the being that bred me
And rise up from the ashes of your protection, like a phoenix.

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