The Bystanders

The Valley of Ashes
Scattered Bones, Stinking Air
Rats run about, on human carcasses
The Ghosts of Yesterday still afresh
In the minds of the veterans, sufferers
The memories too painful
Too kind, too beautiful
The faces mangled, bones broken
Flesh burnt, mind empty, life shattered
His hands and her legs
His eyes and her nose
Possessed by none today
Dug up back into the soil
Where it truly belongs

It was, but, yesterday, when the music blarred
In celebration, of life and love
When a sudden loud drum echoed in silence
Beat by that frustrated young man
Who got nothing in return for losing everything
And decided to end it all.
Killing them who watched
His sister getting raped and his mother murdered
As they stared as cold Bystanders.


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