Impending Doom

Deep breath.
Anxiety, you foul fish
Pieces of me die feeding you
Dragons within the pits of me
Roaring, Scaring, Beathing fire

Fans switched on.
Blades lashing the air
Rhythmic, constant beating
Noise that is music to my ears
Cooling the tickling sweat my neck elicits

Papers fly.
Pages turn constantly.
Uneasy beings drilling information
Into the overflowing baskets of their brains.
Read. Repeat. Memorize. Forget. Move on.

Till he comes, our King rescued from Hell
Papers away. Bags away.
Defeated smiles circulate.
Information leaking from
The poorly moulded brains
As doom impends slowly
One question at a time.

On exams, if that wasn’t clear enough 😛

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