Daily Prompt: I Believe.

For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.

I will twist it a bit to three thing I believe in, and three things I don’t. Because, life, okay?

I believe in:

1. Fries and Coke. And Cold coffee.

I truly believe in fries and coke. Because gluttony. And comfort.

Nothing yells I love you, and you want me like those extra calories you can consume. They are the PJs of food. Rain, thunderstorm, summer, spring, hailstorm, leaves shedding, leaving and being burried into their earthly tombstone- come what may, you know food will always be there for you. Right? Nom, nom.

Nothing compares to cold coffee in your finals week, at 38 degrees Celsius.

PicMonkey Collage



2. Poetry.

Let me make this open confession. I’m a sapiosexual. Therefore, understandably, I love poetry. And words in general. Because it’s word porn. Talk wordy to me, in rhymes and verses, and I will love you forever and ever. Even if I don’t know you. And don’t understand what you said/ implied. Which is why I’m in love with Neruda, Christopher Poindexter, and Tyler Knott Gregson.



3. Fandoms.

There. To all you amazing people! We cry, we laugh, we try, we succeed, we plot, we fight, we love, we die with them. I love fandoms. And this complex web of real people, fictional characters, magic, time travel, and real emotions to be felt. Just pure madness.





I don’t believe in:

1. Hating People.

Even though there are a couple of people I truly detest, I love people generally. Besides, when I truly detest people, I simply don’t care about them (till they come in my way-then they can go die.) I may bitch and bitch about people, but there aren’t people I hate. Honestly. Such a waste of energy. And time. Hmph.


2. That blogging before your finals is a waste of time.

If I did, this post wouldn’t exist.




3. That the youth of today is stupid and useless and all those derogatory words.

I see another wave of youth movement coming along within the next 5-10 years. And more power to us.  Don’t let those annoying people on the Social Media fool you.



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