Just The Way We Are

A James Potter/Lily Evans Fanfiction

She walks in with sunshine making her head look like fire. A quill stuck between her ear and her head. A sling bag almost slides off her shoulder, flexed by the weight of a dozen books she’s carrying in her hand. Her eyebrows cross in concentration.

He stands alone, his hands in his pockets, his body leaning against the cold wall. To be honest, he was waiting for her to come this way. And now that she is walking towards him- his direction, that is, she’s actually headed towards the library- he relaxes. He chuckles looking at her. Her green eyes meet his hazel.

She is shocked to find him there early morning. Her shock turns into surprise as her hands are suddenly free of the additional weight. “Forgot you’re a witch, Evans?” she hears him chuckle. “If you want them to be carried, allow me,” he added.

He sees her pale cheeks growing red slowly and- oh my Merlin! Was that a giggle? He feels something beyond his explanation as she now walks towards him. “Hey! What are you doing here?” she whispers leaving goosebumps on his skin. “Why waiting for you, obviously!”

She looks at him questioningly. Why was he waiting for her? “Oh relax Lil, I just wanted to see that you aren’t overworking yourself. And propose doing Potions together?” Her heart skips a beat as he says ‘propose.’ She looks at him a little too giddyly, in her opinion.

“Oh the mighty James Potter ask someone for help? Oh, this is interesting!” she says. He is now embarrassed. “I don’t mind asking for your help. I don’t have to guard myself in front of you. You’re… You’re a part of me.” Foot in the mouth. Way to go, James!, he thinks. But to his disbelief, she chuckles. “You’re lucky, then. I was about to revise Potions right now. After you, sir!” He looks disbelivingly for a second.

“Oh no, I insist, my lady. After you.” She feels her her cheeks burning. My Lady. That’s so amazing. Shut up Lily! She walks ahead so as not to embarrass herself any further. As the familiar scent of old parchment hits her, she suddenly feels at home. Quickly glancing through, she decides to go and sit by the window facing the Forbidden Forest. As she paves her way, she suddenly remembers James was quietly following her. So she stops abruptly.

He walks right into her and all her books fall down. She follows them making a louder thump and he has to balance himself so that he doesn’t fall on her. She looks visibly embarrassed and he lets out a barking laugh. She narrows her eyes, and asks for his hand to help her up.

He laughs with his hands over his stomach. She wants to cry, but looking at him laughing, she suddenly feels lighter and starts laughing.

He suddenly stops laughing, hearing her laugh and is left breathless. The way the light reflects her eyes, and accentuates its uniqueness makes it impossible for him to stop looking at her. He tears off his mind painfully from the daydream he’s weaving and gives her his hand.

“Lily, you’re not hurt, yeah?” She looks up. He’s even more handsome from down here. It’s a little difficult for her to breathe. She realizes she hasn’t breathed in for about half a minute. She scoops down and takes her arms off the ground and pulls her up. And she lets him.

She doesn’t fight him off, and he considers it positively. They continue to walk to some dark corner of the library he never knew existed. While this excites him, he’s also a little unsure. Why would she take me to a secluded place? If it were me, that would make sense.

She suddenly feels inspired and doesn’t not want to take him to places she has discovered. Even if they aren’t as amazing like the Room of Requirement. She suddenly wants to tell him every little secret and every little thought she has. She wants him to be the person whom she’d talk to and not just listens to. She wants to hold him and never let him go. Through fire and snow. And this dream feels normal and not scary at all.

He wonders what goes through her mind. Why she is quietly leading him to unknown places. But he doesn’t want to force her to talk. He knows she doesn’t do disclosure. Perhaps with Marlene? Or Karen? But he’s sure she’s mostly secretive. He wonders which guy she likes. Whom did she obsess over? He knew about Snape, but he genuinely hopes she never liked him. Ugh. Perhaps a celebrity crush? Maybe one of those Muggle movie stars?

They finally reach the place Lily goes alone to. James looks at her then and finds her grinning. “Shall we?” she asks, as she procures two very comfortable looking bean bags and a tiny study table. They both take seats opposite to each other and they have to keep their legs touching to fit in. They both grin visibly at this.

“So, Potter. How may I be of assistance to you?”
“How about we call in for tea and sandwiches?”
“Hey! I refuse our first date to be in the library.” She suddenly looks down and blushes, realizing what she had just said.
He looks at her in amazement and a little disbelief. Sensing her embarrassment, he tries to say something. But all he can manage is, “That’s true.”

After about a minute of awkward silence, Lily starts laughing. He runs his hair through his hair, as she brushes her warm hand apparently accidentally. “Let’s go over to Hogsmaede tonight, yes?” he asks her finally. Her eyes light up. That was the most bewitched James Potter had been all his life.

That night, Lily Evans decided that one day she might just sign off as Lily Potter, and be happy about it.


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10 responses to “Just The Way We Are

  • Palsify

    You made my day!!!!

  • Palsify

    Oh my! Merlin’s beard! I just read your bio and guess what!!!! I worship Rowling too! And am crazy about Harry Potter and am soooooooooooo in LOVE with Sirius Black!!!! Oh! I can’t believe i found another Sirius lover!! πŸ˜€ I am obsessed with Sirius Black, Padfoot, Snuffles, Gary Oldman and anything and everything even remotely connected with Sirius!! ❀
    And yes I am a Chandler Bing fan too! I am in general FRIENDS fan and absolutely love Sherlock!!! and also Robert Downey Jr.
    So hello sleepy girl with similar interests! πŸ˜€

    • TheBlackWallflower

      Haha. πŸ˜€
      I love Cumberbatch, though. πŸ˜›
      And Sirius Black is my soulmate. I’m sure if the wall between fiction and our sensory world merged to make it the congruent, I’d have already been married to Padfoot.
      And Bing is just another level of amazingness. πŸ˜€
      So hello, person with similar interests!

      • Palsify

        hehe!!!! Cumberbatch is superb! But RDJ is hands down Genius!! Ohh!! I am sure if that were to happen Sirius would have been inundated with millions of proposals!!! till then i am happy fantasizing about him and weaving my dreams around him!! Imagination does have great power! πŸ˜›

      • TheBlackWallflower

        I haven’t watched the movie for the fear of it ruining the series. Even though I know what happens in canon. Weird logic, I know. πŸ˜›
        And stay away from Sirius. MINE. *selfish-evil grin* πŸ˜›

      • Palsify

        YOU WISH!!!!!!
        Sirius was, is and will always be mine!!!!!! He was meant to be mine! No one. No one can love him the way I do! You can try but you wont be successful! I promise!

      • TheBlackWallflower

        No way, hose. πŸ˜›
        Mine forever and ever. And ever
        You won’t win this fight. πŸ˜›

      • Palsify

        I don’t need to fight! I know he is mine! You can console yourself with “forever mine” i don’t mind!

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