There are two of you: An open letter

Hey you!
You laughed at my lamest jokes the very first time we met, remember?
And my eyes darted across the room to seek your closed eyes and loud laugh. I knew I had to get to know you then. The way your hair bounced up and down wildly when you laughed, and you rolled your eyes and struck out your tongue-you entice me.

You told me your deepest fears-a job, a house, a car? Your eyes casted down in self doubt and I wanted to hold you and tell you everything will be okay. And I did. You looked up with a sly smile and say It will, won’t it? We have our lives ahead of us. And my heart throbbed how you had call us a we. We are a we, aren’t we? I thought so.

You looked at me with an unfathomable expression. A shock? A surprise. I was scared, about to throw up-but then you broke into the most evangelical smile. Yes! you yell, a thousand lifetimes of yes! You smile at me, and I you.

I waited and waited for you. And then you walked in with him. A handsome man and his daughter walking down the aisle with the same eyes and the same smile. We took our vows and unite till death do us apart.

This time I was alone. I could hear you scream out loud. I could see you and help you soothe, but somehow I got a feeling that you weren’t really with me- you were somewhere else- in agony. I sung you a lullaby. And you looked at me before closing your eyes.

She is your reflection-your wild hair, your long nose and your hazel eyes. We name her after your favorite heroine in your favorite novel. She grew up in my arms without knowing who you are. But honey, she is you. A reflection. But an original. I raised a beautiful kind strong woman just with you, without you. I feel pride.

So even though you aren’t here to hear me or our daughter, I wish you a Happy Womens’ Day! Because you are a miracle, my pearl. You are both the best things to have happened to me, and you make me incessantly happy.

A very happy Womens’ Day to all of you! May we ever be celebrated for who we are and what we symbolize.


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