15 Signs You Are Socially Awkward


  1. You come across as shy the first time somebody meets you. 
  2. Then they see that wild side of you, and think you’re not that sane after all.
  3. You’ve have an ‘Awkward’ moment with every acquaintance of yours, where both of you have said the basic greeting and are looking at each other, hoping the other would say something.
  4. You despise being with a group of people (read more than two/three people) 
  5. You don’t know what to tell a friend you know pretty well after about half an hour of continuous interaction.
  6. You hate parties. 
  7. People think you hate people.
  8. But actually you don’t really know what to talk about.
  9. You hate meeting friends of friends. And your friends think something is wrong with you when you suddenly shut up/freeze in front of their friends.
  10. When your casual acquaintances complain that you hardly talk, your best friends laugh in their faces, and say, He/She never shuts up.
  11. You have a more fun/ bold online persona, where you are more yourself than you are in real life.
  12. You have a different set of friends online you hardly talk to in real life, because the real life conversation subsets  Awkward with every sentence. 
  13. Sometimes you don’t know how long a hug from a friend is going to be, and find yourself patting their back for about two minutes.
  14. You crack jokes so twisted that the humor is lost.
  15. You don’t call out your friend’s name just because people will look at you, so you end up calling them, even if they’re just 10 steps away from you.

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I'm just your average unique person. I love to read and write (no surprises there, eh?) and think a lot. I adore Rowling and think Harry Potter should be a religion. I also hate pink. I love fluff generally because it makes me feel intelligent and I love poetry because it makes me feel different. (yes, references.) I'm married to Sirius Black. So I sign myself as The Bitch alarmingly often. Oh, and I love Mr. Darcy. And Jo Longo. And Chandler Bing. And Sherlock. (Yes, I'm a fantard.) And in case you want to drop in a good, or a critical word, feel free to email me: theblackwallflower@gmail.com OR, follow me on Twitter: @WallflowerBlack Enough with the babble. OkBye. View all posts by TheBlackWallflower

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