Urban Legend

Under the willow tree, sat she
Not any happier could she be
Into the moonlit sky did she stare
Thinking of all things she could dare

A swim in the deep blue sea
With the sky a hue of ivory
Jumping off a cliff, in the winter
Riding the horse in the summer

Of the multitudes of leaves in the fall
And the birds resounding call
The chattering, happy girls in the park
All living in the moment till it’s dark

Pestilence strikes at twilight
With midnight blues, and Wednesdays
The working weekends, the burnouts
The memories of the Summer gone by fresh, haunting

Of love lost, friends becoming strangers
Lying, Condescending, Backstabbing
Work piling up, assignments keeping her
Up all night with cups of coffee

Dreaming of a day off, of not thinking
Cognizance, Dissonance, Vigilance
Walls coming crashing down
Contrived façades, painted faces

Strangers walking by peeping through her privy
Probing, Judging, Excruciating
She walks with her head held high
Anxiety hurling her insides

Another semester, another quarter ends
Reminiscent of rules broken and bent
As she sat under the willow tree
She dreamt of the time she was free


For any requests, comments, queries revert back to theblackwallflower@gmail.com

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