Every Tear is a Raindrop of Emotion.

Have you ever had those moments where everything you ever held precious turns out to be vain? That every love you had wasn’t worth the heartache? That every friendship you cherished has reached a dead end? Every value you had seemed worthless? What you stood for for your entire life, someone took away in the blink of an eye? What do you do?

She stood there on the stage, her friends being proclaimed as her back up singers in the fourth grade band. This is it, her teacher had called out loud, reflecting her own mind and her pounding heartbeat. This is the moment of truth. After years of vocal trainings, and practice lessons, I finally get to be on the school band.

Suddenly a little boy rushes in, shouting out a hundred apologies. “I have just joined the school,” he cried, “I didn’t know about the auditions. May I-?” Her teacher looks him up and down and asks him to hurry up. He goes on, and sings the most beautiful melody she’d ever heard.

That night she lies in bed, wondering what she could do with her life. Her little nine year old mind thinks about committing suicide like that movie she saw last week. Probably that is the answer. Her teacher would learn a lesson, she thinks, as she jumps out of bed and runs towards the kitchen.

This is to teach Mrs. K a lesson. All my friends laughed at me, and my mum complaned complaint complained about my vocals lessons. I don’t know how to spell also. And I wanted to be the lead singer. Good bye. I’m angry and sad. Nobody loves me.

It is at times like this when you’d expect somebody to comfort you. Little Katie was hurt, of course, but her mum and friends did not help.

You wonder if anybody is actually yours to feel for. Because the finality of love is anger and pain, and no matter how much you care, and think calm, one day you would want to snap at people who take advantage of you in the name of relationships. One day you’ve had enough, and you want to be angry. You realize the angrier you get, the more tears fall off your cheeks, (and your eyes get puffy and red) and that absolutely wouldn’t do. So you then take the bitter in and pull on a happy face, and pretend nothing wrong happened. And till the next time, you continue to stay calm.


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