The Place Where The Sun Never Sets.

They said college would be the ultimate test. It has the power to make or break your life. They said college was a way of life. You’d make the best of friends, meet the best of experts at each respective subjects, and find muses to inspire you for life.

When I was a child, I dreamt of going away to a far off college, and meet people I’ve never met in my life. The green hills, and the lake nearby. The archaic, Victorian or Mughal structure creating a secluded, peaceful ambiance perfect for learning.

I remember walking into college the very day of admissions. Walking through the gates, with a bloated smile, smiling at the Watchman, entering the reception, and finally making it to the legendary first quad, the smell of rain-wet quad hitting me.

As I looked around, I suddenly felt a twitch. School was over, yes. But I was soon going to be a mature, responsible adult, at fifteen, traveling an hour and a half to get to college. It didn’t bother me too much, I remember. It made me wonder why I was so excited and nervous. I wondered if everyone felt it, or if I were the only one not ready for college.

As I look back upon that version of me, I laugh at my naivete. I laugh at those dreams, and those nerves, but then that naivete opened up horizons, and made me who I am. That same dreams acted as visions, and those nerves turned into pride, and the feeling of earning it.

As I look back, I look at the clean board that school had moulded me into, but was perfected by college. I see amazing, supportive people who aren’t afraid of expressing themselves. I see the beautiful building which makes me feel at home.

It’s the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. The spark-lit heart of each of us who know we belong there, and embrace the others to feel amazed at being unique. Because we all started off the journey in the same way: Happy, Content, and Hopeful.




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